Reallusion on Indie World Order’s 2021 first Digital Indie Game Convention

Welcome! If you are new to Reallusion and are interested in any of the products you’ve seen at our virtual IWO booth then please see the coupon details below.


Join us and more than 200 exhibitors as we celebrate indie games for a week full of fun activities!

Sail the open seas, explore the beautiful islands and uncover treasures and indie games in the beautifully rendered islands of IWOCon! A stress-free interactive environment, where you can easily get information to an endless number awesome indie games, in a safe and stylized pirate-themed environment!

IWOCon 2021 is a free indie game convention based on a stylized pirate theme. There is a collection of islands, each island hosting several booths. Conference attendees can select their avatar & travel around these islands, where they can explore different booths, watch trailers, get information on games and products, enter giveaways, & engage in extra activities, all while having a bit of light-hearted, pirate-themed fun!


Visit the Reallusion booth on the MAIN ISLAND !

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