3D Modeler discovers iClone Real-time Tools for Quick Character Animation

Cris Marchal / 3D Modeler

Cris Marchal

Before starting in the world of 3D,  Cris studied sculptural  techniques for 2 years in art school.  After her studies, she decided to follow her dream and took a Master’s Degree in Video Game Art and Design at U-TAD, Spain. Now she works in a company as a 3D Modeler.

Cris found iClone as a catalyst for speedy production. Let’s see her story with Reallusion iClone, Character Creator and Unreal Pipeline.

“The Character Creator Tool allows you to have many unique ‘actors’ for the development of your scenes. This app is perfect for professional studios, as it not only has a myriad of utilities, but is also compatible with various motion capture suits, providing studios with endless possibilities. In short, an excellent tool for your program library.”

Cris Marchal / 3D Modeler

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