Pitch & Produce | INVASION 2040: Director harnesses Character Creator iClone and Unreal Engine for Web Series

César Turturro – Director / FX Producer

Creavision is a small studio located in the city of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. We mainly focus on the realization of 2D and 3D animation projects, although we also do filmic works, such as advertisements, corporate videos and documentaries.

Invasion 2040 is a project that started in 2017. Post-production started immediately, as I wrote the script. At the beginning, almost 70% of the project was carried out on my own, without involving other artists or studios. This was due to the fact that it was a search and learning process, and we did not have financial support.

During that time I used different types of programs and render engines until August 2020, while working remotely in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic that we won the support of Reallusion’s Pitch & Produce program. It was then when we also began work with Unreal Engine, and when I involved two more artists from the studio.

“With the help of all these real-time tools — in just a few months we accomplished more than half of all the animation and rendering work, which had personally taken me almost 3 years before.”

César Turturro – Director / FX Producer

In summary, I can say that there is a before and after both in my career and in the way we work. Today Invasion 2040 is being released on several networks and has won various awards at festivals around the world. With all the shots and animations that I imagined 4 years ago, I can say that we have realized not only a movie… but a dream.

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