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Artist takes 3D Renders to Cartoon Animator to cleverly monetize his art as 2D Layered Environments

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David Prestino – 2D Cartoon Animator Artist


Davide Prestino is a newcomer to Cartoon Animator, having worked with 3D environments for years.

Davide discovered Cartoon Animator and realized the potential offered to him by creating renders of his 3D works as content for the 2D Marketplace and the opportunity to make some money turning his 3D renders in to layered 2D environments.

In this interview with Reallusion, Davide discusses how he made the jump to Cartoon Animator and what his plans are for the Marketplace.


I immediately understood the potential of this software. Everything you can find in Cartoon Animator is suitable for the needs of a cartoon studio”

David Prestino – 2D Cartoon Animator Artist

Q: Hello Davide welcome! Can you tell us about the work you’re doing with Cartoon Animator 4?

Thank you for having me here. I only recently discovered Cartoon Animator 4. I am a 3D artist, but when I saw Cartoon Animator 4 I immediately understood the potential of this software and how to use my 3D art and convert it into scenarios that would appeal to 2D animators.

Q: With so many 2D options out there, what made you choose Cartoon Animator as the platform to create your content?

The answer is very simple, because CTA is easy to use and its fast. I was able to import layered Photoshop files into Cartoon Animator quickly and easily by just dragging and dropping a .PSD file and that’s it!

Then I could set up my own parallax for each scene which works great. I have also been exploring the animations with Cartoon Animators character bone system which are also great.

Q: What would you say is your favorite genre or theme to work with?

I am a 3D generalist so I do a lot of scenes of any kind so I have a great choice of environments and objects that I can publish for the 2D format, so I would answer the question … everything!

Even though I have only been in the 2D Marketplace a short time, I have already managed to release more than ten packs covering topics like a graveyard, action/adventure, military and real world environments like my new library background.

Q: Do you find the process of creating characters and content for Cartoon Animator easy and enjoyable?

As I said in the previous question, Cartoon Animator is intuitive, as everything you can find in the 2D animation software is suitable for the needs of a cartoon studio. Right now my priority is to create a series of high-end, professional-looking cartoon backgrounds and build a reputation for my work. However I am also keen to learn more about all the other features of the software and perhaps look at developing other content as well in the future. I can’t see any limitations to what I will be able to produce. 

Q: What advice would you have for inspiring developers looking to break into the Reallusion Marketplace and sell their content? 

My suggestion is to try. Many artists have a lot of stuff closed in their drawers and don’t use them, but thanks to Cartoon Animator and the Reallusion 2D Market, I was able to make use of assets that I hadn’t seen for years and finally they can be of help to other artists.

Q: Do you have plans for future content in the works?

Oh yes! I have a lot of ideas for new scenarios (if you haven’t realized already, I like to create scenes), and very soon you will see some good ones. As well as being able to convert much of my existing catalogue of work which is huge, I am also excited about creating new themes and even more backgrounds of all types.  

Q: What advantages do you find Cartoon Animator gives you?  

The most obvious advantage is speed. From layered backgrounds to adding motions to characters, the 2D animation software seems to make everything so easy and I can work fast both at developing content and animating. But most important of all is that Cartoon Animator is fun. Within a short time of opening the software for the first time, I was able to find my way around and start creating and animating. And if the process is fun, then it’s more encouraging to work hard.  

“Cartoon Animator takes away a lot of the tedious and time consuming elements of animation like keyframing and developing layered backgrounds and makes the process very simple. So much of the work is simply drag and drop.”

David Prestino – 2D Cartoon Animator Artist

Q: What projects have you most recently been working on?

Recently I have published over 10 new scenes but the ones that inspire me particularly for now are the action and adventure scenes inspired by movies like Indiana Jones. There are so many great characters available that work so well with these scenes. And then of course I have many other passions that inspire me such as fantasy and space, so many ideas are in the oven and soon I will make 2D animators dreams come true.

I am also open to suggestions for themes, so feel free to contact me and I will create a personalized scenario for you!

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