Revolutionary Blender Character Animation Workflow

Professional character animation is a highly challenging task not only for any single Blender artist but for every kind of 3D tools users. Now, with Reallusion’s disruptive character pipeline, you don’t need to build everything from scratch.

A Growing & Complementary Workflow

Fast Character Generation

With the help of Character Creator, you can start from a professionally rigged character base, with all its inherited facial and body animation advantages, to creatively build on top. 

Through using Character Creator Blender Tools (Auto Setup) users could send assets to Blender and get beautiful render results!

Intuitive Facial and Body Animation

For animation, you can take advantage of a complete set of iClone facial animation and auto lip-sync tools including; Mobu-like Human-IK motion layer editor, as well as thousands of top-notch mocap animations to create professional animations while having fun.

Learn more about how to make character animation easier and faster with our Blender Character Pipeline

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