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Character Creator 4.1 Feature Highlights


Living up to the motto of “Enlivening Any Character”, Character Creator 4.1 (CC4.1) aims to overcome the obstacle of rigging characters for animation. Aided by the built-in technology of AccuRIG, CC4.1 can turn any static model into an animation-ready character with cross-platform support in minutes. Furthermore, enhanced subdivision export combined with the flexibility to generate levels of detail (LODs) empower both pro and indie studios to enhance their characters toward hyper-realistic digital actors for film or optimize for massively multiplayer online games without compromising real-time performance.

See the latest update in CC4.1:

1. Advanced AccuRIG Turns Any Static 3D Models to Live Characters

Powered by AccuRIG, Character Creator can auto-rig humanoid models as well as handle complicated multi-mesh structures with cutting-edge features. Hard surfaces can be isolated from skin weights to retain their rigidity, while painted skin weights can be pruned and tweaked, regardless of complexity.

For the non-rigged characters, you can choose the desired items to undergo a simple 3-step auto-rig process⁠ with each step being configurable and reversible. Game developers can apply the same bone definition profile to other game avatars of similar body scales⁠, which is a massive time-saver with the elimination of repetitive steps.

Rig Selected Mesh & Auto-Attach Hard Surface Items

Besides the accuracy, the customizability and the flexibility of Advanced AccuRIG in Character Creator 4 are what distinguishes it from the free AccuRIG tool of ActorCore. Items can be designated as rigging targets, and rigid items such as helmets and armor are auto-attached to the closest bones as accessories to prevent mesh distortion.

Re-rigging, Repurpose & Reduction

Rigged and humanoid characters or static meshes can be transformed into CC avatars while retaining original facial bones and animations. Polycount and bone count can then be effortlessly reduced for re-rigged characters.

Easily Setting for Any Type of Character : Masking Unused Bones

Even if your character isn’t whole, like a desecrated greek statue or an amputee, AccuRIG can still ensure proper animation for the rest of the body by masking away the unused bones. Masking is also suitable for partial body movement and characters with imperfect T- or A-poses. >> Learn more

2. Character Scalability – Easily up/downgrade character level (LOD) to suit all application needs

Optimized and decimated characters can be attained with one simple click for one-man teams and AAA production studios alike. Character Creator maximizes usability for each character you make while outfitting them for film production, game design, VR/AR applications, and massive crowd simulations.

Filled to the brim with intuitive one-click solutions, Character Creator can easily upscale a character for film production and extreme closeups. By contrast, the same character can be downgraded to comply with ActorBuild, LOD1, or LOD2 standards that are suitable for AEC industries, crowd simulations, and mobile games — wherever optimization is of the utmost importance.

By upgrading and downgrading character quality with Character Creator, artists can generate multiple levels of detail and have complete control over the revamping process, including bone count, polycount, texture size, and facial details. >> Learn more

3.  The World’s Only Subdivision Export for Animated Characters

Exquisite quality for film production & all render engines

The capacity to subdivide a low poly real-time character model is crucial for close-up shots and high-resolution image/video output. Subdivided animation-ready characters are compatible with all render engines and provide salient improvements to visual quality.

Character Creator’s Subdivision Export is a solid step in becoming a universal character system by removing obstacles to FBX and USD interoperability. Consequently, artists can rest assured that their rigged quad-based characters render without a hitch and that facial morphs perform in the most exquisite manner across different applications.

CC Avatars and any imported low-res, quad-based characters can benefit from Subdivision Export, including realistic and stylized characters. The outline and shading of accessories, clothes, and props are optimized as well. Subdivision Export keeps CC avatars nimble for live performances while retaining hi-res details suitable for final production, from cinema to TV commercials. 

With FBX/USD format and LiveLink, Subdivision Export greatly elevates the quality of all types of real-time characters for professional high-resolution rendering. >> Learn more

Website: Character Creator 4 | Advanced AccuRIG | Optimize & Decimate Characters | Subdivision Export

Forum : Character Creator 4.1 Discussion

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