MasterClass #2: Realtime Digital Double with Character Creator and

In this 5 part series for – Master Class “Realtime Digital Double with Character Creator and”, Sefki Ibrahim shares his tips and tricks on how to take advantage of Character Creator and multi-channel face textures to create a real-time character (Ed Harris), and animate Ed’s face and body easily in Unreal Engine.

Sefki Ibrahim is a freelance character artist that specializes in photorealistic digital human works. 
He is familiar with employing material maps, and has been selected as “2019 Artist of the Year” by

Part #2: Sculpting and Utilizing Multi-channel Face Maps

MasterClass #1: Realtime Digital Double with Character Creator and

A professional 3D artist shares his experience in creating a digital double with Character Creator and, to later inside Unreal Engine.

Sefki Ibrahim is a freelance character artist that specializes in photorealistic digital human works. 
He is familiar with employing material maps, and has been selected as “2019 Artist of the Year” by

In this article, Sefki Ibrahim will share the workflow for creating a realistic real-time character (actor, Ed Harris) using Character Creator and Texturing XYZ’s multi-channel Maps.

This is my first time using Character Creator as well as creating a real-time character from start to finish. I hope that this documentation can serve some insight into my thought process.

Feel free to experiment and try out your techniques when attempting the workflow. This article and the accompanying videos should serve as a loose guide for you to create your real-time character with some neat tips and tricks to try out for yourself.

To kickstart the project, the first thing I did was choose the subject. I decided on Ed Harris, notably because he has a very distinctive and unique face – and it would pose a new challenge for me. So, I gathered a bunch of references to start me off. Then as I navigated through the project, I continued to add more references related to the stage of the workflow that I was on.

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We are excited for this year’s SIGGRAPH conference and exhibition!

Visit us virtually on August 25-27 as the Reallusion team will showcase the recently released Character Creator 3.3 and SkinGen.

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Reallusion Reveals the 1st Wave of Pitch & Produce Outstanding Works Utilizing iClone and Unreal Pipeline

Reallusion announces the first wave of outstanding works for the Pitch & Produce program which brings tools and financial support for indies and commercial studios utilizing the iClone character and animation pipelines with Unreal Engine.

The Pitch & Produce program offers creatives the chance to develop exciting showcases that are featured and backed by Reallusion through access to real-time software tools, plugins, content packs, financial support and even publicity packages.

Since the start of the Pitch & Produce program in May 2020, Reallusion has received many submissions ranging from game and VR projects, to music videos, animated films, and more. This first round of announcements covers 7 outstanding works who were received before June 30th, 2020.

A New Frontier for Motion Capture

New 2D Motion Capture for Instant Animation

My name is Sergey Stepanov, I have my own animation studio which produces 3D and 2D cartoons and commercials. Recently, with help from the 2D mocap (motion capture) solution of Cartoon Animator and the Perception Neuron mocap suit, I completed a commercial for my client, Эминекст.

Sergey Stepanov (Image credit: Sergey Stepanov)

Call for Entry: Animation At Work Contest 2020

Reallusion invites all talents to express their creativity with Cartoon Animator

Reallusion is hosting its annual 2D competition Animation At Work, from now on to October 5th, 2020. In this event, participants are encouraged to exploit Cartoon Animator’s real-time character creation and 2D motion capture technology with entries for commercial, educational, comic/static artwork and Youtube.

Cartoon Animator 4 (CTA 4) is powerfully easy, 2D animation software with a complete cartoon assets hub that anyone can use, regardless of their animation experience thanks to its intuitive workflow design and vast pre-made content libraries. 

The event is offering up to $14,000 in cash prizes along with XP-Pen drawing tablets ($8,000 value) and more.

Reallusion Releases Character Creator 3.3 and SkinGen

The New Industry Standard in Digital Human Design

Reallusion is devoted to the digital human design pipeline and now adds another link in the chain of tools to design the ultimate digital human.  Character Creator 3.3 features new realism tools that work with the already released Digital Human Shader and the Headshot plugin for rapid digital double creation for a total solution.  Accompanying the release of Character Creator 3.3, the digital human workflow evolves with SkinGen – an intuitive, dynamic skin layer system, and CC 3 Base+, a greatly enhanced character topology for overall visual upgrades.

The 4K high-res images generated by SkinGen

“SkinGen is a major breakthrough in the digital human workflow that introduces an ultra-realistic dynamic material system dedicated to human skin synthesis. “ said John Martin, VP, Product Marketing, Reallusion. “The tools inside SkinGen are also empowered by the combination of industry leading partners like Texturing XYZ and Substance.  SkinGen makes it possible for anyone to create a character with custom looks for age or appearance, and ultra-fine details down to the pores.

“Texturing.XYZ and Character Creator 3 is a dynamic combination for creating real-time digital humans. The partnership with Reallusion and Texturing.XYZ enables a pipeline to rapidly design detailed characters ready for animation.”  – Jeremy Celeste, CEO, Texturing.XYZ

Character Creator 3.3 official trailer:

Befores & Afters: The Art of Crafting War Scenes for Previs

Previs Director Mohammad Khalikh details the role of iClone in visualizing Amazon Prime India’s “The Forgotten Army”

Befores & Afters journalist Ian Failes interviewed Mohammad on how he took advantage of Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator to deliver the previs for The Forgotten Army – Azaadi ke Liye. This highly watched production garnered 23 million views on its YouTube trailer

CC MasterClass #4: Fast Cartoon Design with Character Creator

In this 4 part series for – Master Class “Fast Cartoon Design” Luis Duarte shares his tips and tricks on how to take advantage of Character Creator and iClone to create a cartoon character and animate his face and body easily. This 4 part series will cover the entire of process with Character Creator, ZBrush, Substance Painter, and iClone.

Luis Duarte – 3D Artist

My name is Luis Duarte and I am a 3D instructor on

Part #4: Face & Body Animation in iClone

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