iClone Sci-Fi Movie Competition

Reallusion invites iClone & machinima creators to join the rebellion, empire, starfleet or go it alone as the last starfighter in the 2010 iClone Movie Competition. 

The event begins 4/14 and the submission deadline is 7/04.  Participants are asked to create a 2 – 10 minute short-film with iClone.  Additional footage from other game engines or machinima software is welcomed in the competition as a mashup with your iClone footage. 

The prizes for this year’s competition range from:  Epson Home Cinema projector, Sony alpha DSLR and lenses, PS3 250GB system, PhotoBasics Greenscreen kit + popVideo, Magix Video PRO editing software, Digital Juice Motion Design Elements, Partners in Rhyme SoundFX.

For more information: http://www.reallusion.com/event/2010/sci_fi/

Intel & Reallusion partner @ GDC 2010

As an Intel Software partner, Reallusion participates in on-going events with Intel where we are able to feature the iClone optimizations that lie behind the scenes. 

This year, Reallusion was part of the Intel in-booth partner demo, along with a feature in the 2010 partner video program. Intel also gave us a fun assignment to incorporate iClone and give others a chance to see what’s happening at GDC with a video recap created with iClone4 and shot with a Flip Cam provided by Intel. Reallusion’s John Martin brings you a video snapshot of some of the cool-tech at this year’s Game Developer Conference. 

Intel Take-Five Video Series: Reallusion

GDC Expo Spotlight: Pt.1 – Created with iClone4

GDC Expo Spotlight: Pt. 2 – Created with iClone4

MachinExpo Set for Next Sunday, Nov 22nd in Second Life

Reallusion invites you all to experience a jam-packed entertainment extravaganza next Sunday, Sunday Sunday!  Normally a day held for tractor pulls and swap meets, next Sunday is special.  Phil Rice, Ricky Grove, and their team of organizers launch MachinExpo, a mega movie event to celebrate some of this year’s best Machinima films.  This is truly a can’t miss event that will take place on NOV 22nd in Second Life where films will be screened and your favorite Machinima filmmakers and friends will gather to support citizen directors from around the globe. 

As sponsor of this years’s MachinExpo, Reallusion is excited to particpate and spotlight some fantastic filmmakers and this year’s top Machinima community consortium.  I’ll be there (Animize) along with my pals from the Wolf and Dulci hour iClone radio show to talk about Machinima and iClone’s latest developments.  Head over to http://machiniplex.net/expo/ for full details and if you’ve never experienced Second Life, no worries… It’s free and very easy to navigate.  Sign-up for a free account at www.SecondLife.com and then walk, fly or teleport over to the MachinExpo on Sunday for a monumental day of Machinima.

See you there! ~ John

Congratulations to the iClone filmmakers showcased in this year’s event:

(even I managed to fool the Jury into liking one of my films, suckers) 😉

“Coming Home” by Lizard

“The Expedition” by Anima Technica

“Moordenar [0] What Came Before” by Anima Technica


“Pinhead: In the S***” by afterThought

“The Shauwshank Detention” by Oliver Manuel

“Charles Bukowski – Splashing” by John Martin II

Photos from Siggraph 2009

Siggraph was full of fun and innovation.  We tried to have as much of each as possible.  The following photo gallery was created with our new WidgetCast (http://www.reallusion.com/widgetcast).  You can mouseover and set the slideshow settings.  Having a background in Flash design, I really love this tool.

Read Ricky Grove’s SIGGRAPH 09 wrap-up on Renderosity.  He really covers the show comprehensively.  I have witnessed the phenomena of the Ricky Grove roving-motion-blur while traversing the show floor and talking to everyone that’s really on the frontier. 


War & Peace Short Film Competition 2009

A new era has arrived and the walls between your stories and a global audience are crumbling. The age of Visual Computing is here and with it’s arrival we are all capable of creating amazing digital content from the comfort of our home, studio or office. This new era is the ultimate green-light on your creativity with tools and hardware equipping you to export your imagination and realize your stories in real-time 3D animation.
Reallusion is partnered with worldwide industry leaders Intel and Nvidia in forging the age visual computing and providing you the ultimate real-time stage to tell your story through stunning animation tools that are accessible to all.
The War and Peace filmmaking competition is a celebration of this time of innovation and opportunity to spotlight your films and the independent spirit of today’s new filmmakers. Tell your story and submit the video to win select prizes and awards totaling a value of $10,000.
Visit the War & Peace competition website, learn the rules, enter a film or watch movies

iClone Biosphere content release: Video

TotalPlants Biosphere Collection
iClone Total Plants Biosphere Collection pack provides 400 Live Plants variations (including few creatures).
This pack facilitates you with tree system in which parameters are provided for various effects of the tree planted. You may plant trees on the terrain or even link or attach them to some other target objects. The trees can cast and receive shadow or even swaying with the wind when you play back. You may then create a forest or potting in your project.
1. You may move the trees with the Move, Rotate and Scale tools to manipulate the tree as you do to the props.
2. Wind: If you increase the Strength value, the trees that you plant sway harder when you play the project and vice versa.
3. Link: Because the trees are similar to props, you may then link your tree to a target such as a flowerpot.

Machinima Expo 2008 Flickr & Photosynth

Machinima filmmakers teleport to Jamville, Second Life for a unique virtual film festival. Machinima Expo organizers brought filmmakers from all over the world to discuss and share their experiences as a pro, amateur and independent filmmaker. iClone & CrazyTalk were featured in a number of films juried into the Machinima expo.
View Machinima Expo Flickr photos with captions

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