Reallusion & Comic-con 2011

Reallusion joins Animation Magazine for Comic-Con 2011.  We’re bringing CrazyTalk Animator to Comic-Con for an onslaught of animation creativity! Learn the workflow to bring character sketches to life with the facial animation and body puppeteering of CrazyTalk Animator.  See CrazyTalk Animator and catch a sneak peek at iClone5 Kinect mocap at Animation Magazine’s Comic-Con booth #1535 on July 23rd and 24th.

Animation Magazine Pitch Party!

The Tenth Annual Animation Magazine Pitch Party contest is going on now through (better get busy) June 10th and offers Reallusion members and storytellers worldwide the chance to pitch their story to industry pros and finally knock Trey Parker and Matt Stone off their high-horses.  Well, maybe you’ll just get a shot to make it big.  Good enough?  We thought so too and that’s why Reallusion and Animation Magazine have partnered to encourage iClone and CrazyTalk filmmakers to prepare their pitch!  The contest requires you purchase and submit a 1/6 page ad for inclusion in the upcoming Animation Magazine Pitch Party issue.   Animation Magazine has extended a special offer of $50 OFF their 1/6 page, Pitch Party ad for Reallusion members.  Get the full details and know more over at Animation Magazine’s Pitch Party Contest page.

Reallusion and Animation Magazine have an exciting summer planned with events and contests.

  • In June we will launch a special spotlight opportunity to have your movie and art featured in a full page within Animation Magazine… details coming soon.
  • We are joining Animation Magazine at Comic-Con San Diego this year to showcase CrazyTalk Animator July 23-24.

“The partnership between Reallusion and Animation Magazine connects our storytelling community to AM’s media portal for all-access industry coverage, careers and green-light opportunities.  Our partnership is in the spirit of the independent animator and encourages citizen directors to bring new and innovative works from groundbreaking studios.” John Martin, Reallusion

Stay-tuned for more upcoming contests and events with Reallusion and Animation Magazine.


Game Developers Conference 2011

Reallusion & Intel partner for the 25th Anniversary Game Developers Conference ~ San Francisco, CA – March 1-4 

GDC had a booming turnout with major releases and news from top title makers and console creators.  The show floor was packed with lines to see the Nintendo 3DS (yep, it’s rad), live talks from Intel and famous game engine and developer middleware from Autodesk, Havok and Speedtree.

Intel featured Reallusion, Autodesk and even Lady Gaga remixer, Justin Lassen.  The technology buzz inside the booth included new rendering achievements with Intel Sandy Bridge, exciting real-time special effects from Confetti, Havok Destruction & Cloth and live podcasts from Intel Software Network TV show, ‘Visualize This!,’ hosted by Arti Gupta.  John Martin joined Arti for a podcast interview that will be posted soon.
The Intel Visibly Smart theater gave Reallusion’s John Martin the stage for a talk about 2D animation for game designers and the new powertools for simplified animation in CrazyTalk Animator.  John discussed the shifting size of game studios and increasing development platforms that is now creating an environment for faster production and cost effective solutions. 


CrazyTalk Animator equips game studios with a simplified solution for animation creation without the cost of a hefty license or commercial fees.  CrazyTalk Animator’s tools provide a complete 2D animation solution for gamemakers and with 2D sidescroller and platform games on the rise, 2D is back with a force.,” said John to the gathering of game developers during the Intel demo and tech talk.

The 2011 Game Developers Conference website

Intel GDC website

Intel Sandy Bridge Core

Contact 2011 – iClone Screenplay Contest

If the pen is mightier than the sword, then your keyboard should be well up to the battle for humanity’s survival.  Dramatic?  Exactly!  Wolf and Dulci kick off 2011 with a supernova screenplay competition.  You write the screenplay and the winner gets their movie made into a epic iClone adventure.  Read on for details… 

IClone and Google SketchUp Contest

Reallusion, and Google SketchUp team-up for the SketchUp to iClone Architectural rendering contest. Enter a video or image for a chance to win an iPad, SONY digital camera provided by Reallusion, Google SketchUp Pro and the coveted Google SketchUp Socks provided by Google SketchUp, Lounge-tel laptop desk, USB wallet card and SketchUcation baseball caps provided by SketchUcation. More info:

iClone Content Demo Reel – 2010

The iClone content library is a giant resource for filmmakers to find the perfect prop, actor or accessory for their iClone movies.  The iClone content demo reel spotlights select packs and models available in the Reallusion 3D content store.

iClone & Google 3D Basecamp 2010

Reallusion iClone and Google SketchUp join forces for the 2010 Google 3D Basecamp in Boulder, Colorado.  Google hosts 3D Basecamp every two years to bring the SketchUp community together for a couple of days of unconferencing where attendees determine the agenda and showcase the best of the best from the SketchUp elite creators. 

Google SketchUp users enhance their 3D models with iClone real-time rendering creativity using instant trees and grass, quick actor creation and advanced lighting, HDR visual effects, easy camera work and overall scene animation.  SketchUp users turn to iClone as a post-modeling animation and visualization tool for the same reason they choose SketchUp as a modeling tool.  SketchUp greatly simplifies the modeling process and iClone does the same for animation and visualization polish.

 Google invited 150+ SketchUp users from around the world to bring their skills and experiences to Google’s Boulder HQ and convene for the launch of Google SketchUp 8, fireside talks with SketchUp visionaries and presentations from, “Friends of SketchUp,” which is where Reallusion was asked to join in the fun.  iClone has been an extension of Google’s SketchUp since Reallusion introduce the Google SketchUp SKP and Google 3D Warehouse compatibility through 3DXchange.  

Reallusion’s John Martin, II and James Martin attended and presented the iClone and SketchUp pipeline including SketchUp visualization in Stereoscopic 3D through Reallusion’s Authentic 3D powered by iClone.

The SketchUp community congregates at where you can find amazing artists, architects, set designers and more folks showcasing their work, helping each other and welcoming newbies to the world of Google SketchUp. 

How’s this for a SketchUcrew (below members from SketchUcation & Reallusion) From left: John, Csaba(Gaieus), James, Liam, Rinehart(Pout), Pete(Solo), Mike (Mike Lucey) & Rich (rclub24)

Recently, famed Machinima creator, Dr. Nemisis of the Binary Picture Show shared his creation process with SketchUp and iClone.  Dr. Nemisis shows how you can quickly and easily create interior sets for iClone using SketchUp.

Google SketchUp is available for free from

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