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Deb Ethier began making short animated films in 2016, with quirky stop-motion comedies including quirky characters like Yorick, the skull from Hamlet, who, disgruntled by the lack of opportunity for him at the Globe, headed off into the big, wide world.

These early films were developed into the web series, “22 Bones”, in addition to which Deb has created several animated shorts including “The Masque of the Red Death” which was selected by several festivals and won awards at specialty competitions. 

Deb’s work was also awarded the Judges Prize in the Reallusion Animation at Work Competition.

“There is nothing more satisfying than seeing my characters come to life. Cartoon Animator 4 was exactly what I was looking for!”

Deb Ethier – 2D Animator

Creating Children’s Television with Cartoon Animator 4

Chris Meyer-White / 2D Cartoon Animator

Christopher Meyer-White

Based in the heart of Bristol – Qu Studios and owner Christopher Meyer-White have set out to create versatile spaces for filmmakers.

With a long standing background in children’s media, Chris’ achievements demonstrate how Cartoon Animator 4 can help creative minds develop successful large projects for commercial purpose.

Cartoon Animator 4 has proven itself a valuable tool in Chris’ production, allowing him to develop broadcast quality 2D animation without the need for excessive work time, thanks to its smooth work flow and wide range of professional tools. In his interview with Reallusion, Chris shares insights into his work and his passion for 2D animation

“A flawless pipeline from Photoshop to Cartoon Animator 4 that makes character creating fun, easy and enjoyable””

Chris Meyer-White / 2D Cartoon Animator

befores & afters: The art of crafting war scenes for previs

Previs Director Mohammad Khalikh details the role of iClone in visualizing Amazon Prime India’s “The Forgotten Army”

Befores & Afters journalist Ian Failes interviewed Mohammad on how he took advantage of Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator to deliver the previs for The Forgotten Army – Azaadi ke Liye. This highly watched production garnered 23 million views on its YouTube trailer


Wired Magazine recently published a story where writer, Tristan Cross explored how he could recreate his local pub in VR to break away from the confines of quarantine.  The big challenge was to create 3D characters for his VR project that resembled his friends in order to create  a virtual evening out at the pub together.  Here is a brief recap of the article.  For the full article: 

The journey into reproducing Tristan’s local London pub – SKEHAN’S, begins with a discussion about the nature of social experiences in virtual reality and goes directly into the creation of the 3D model using Blender.  Tristan’s 3D model of Skehan’s is generated using blueprints provided by the owner of the bar. The project was developed for Unreal Engine and makes use of the Quixel Megascan library for the texturing of Skehans.  

This Studio Is Using A Reallusion Production Pipeline To Create Animation That Teaches Kids About Their African Heritage

During this period of quarantine and lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, parents need fun and educational activities to keep their kids engaged and entertained more than ever.

Sowl Studios, a startup art and animation studio based in Alexandria, Virginia, is harnessing the power of Reallusion’s iClone software to create animated app content for African parents in the diaspora. The aim is to help their kids learn more about their cultural heritage and languages, through animation and storytelling. The studio is run by a husband and wife team, Solomon W. Jagwe and Kim Jagwe (COO), who are currently working from home.

They are combining motion capture and hand-keyed animation to bring their stories to life, relying on the powerful and seamless plugins in iClone, like Motion Live, Live Face, Perception Neuron, Faceware, and the iPhone X profile.

Below, Solomon W. Jagwe, creator and director of The Adventures of Nkoza & Nankya, explains their pipeline on the show.

From playtime to profit – how I turned my animation hobby into a profitable business

Turning my passion into a full-time job.

Garry Pye has been drawing cartoons all his life. Despite no formal artistic education, he went from hobbyist to full-time animator after discovering Reallusion and their 2D animation software six years ago. 

I have been drawing cartoons ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I am a self-taught artist, illustrator and animator who specialises in creating characters, backgrounds and prop content. I started working as a content developer in my spare time, and this has turned into a full-time business. I now have over 1,400 assets available online, which I sell to animators around the world.

From the age of 17, I worked with my father in our family trophy store – for 31 years, in fact. But my true passion was drawing cartoons. And I dreamed of one day being able to do that as my full time job. 

In this article, I’m going to share with you how Cartoon Animator (formally CrazyTalk Animator) helped me to jump from working in that trophy store to creating a profit-making, successful full-time online business. 

Garry Pye in his studio (Image credit: Garry Pye)

Animation movie studio taps into iClone Unreal Live Link for fast AAA Production

Uzair Zaheer Khan – Director / Producer

Uzair Zaheer Khan

A CG generalist, specializing in character animation from Vancouver film school, Uzair has 20 years of experience setting up unique pipelines. He has worked on a range of prominent projects like Discovery next world, Toyota Scion Deviants, UPS Cardboard World and Eidos Tomb Raider Legends. Uzair setup Unicorn Black Studios to produce the Emmy nominated Series – Burka Avenger, and as the Series Director and Head of Production.

Uzair is the founder of 3rd World Studios, a 3D animation studio in Islamabad, Pakistan makers of ‘Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor‘, the first animated film made using Unreal Engine. His work has received multiple international awards like the Peabody award for broadcast excellence, Gender Equality award, Monolith award for technology, Rising Star for Animation, amongst others.

3rd World Studios created a COVID-19 public service announcement in record time by using iClone 7 (animation/editing/face mocap), Unreal Engine 4 (rendering), Xsens (body mocap), and Manus (hand mocap).

With keyframing, an artist can produce anywhere from three to six seconds of finished animation per day. This iClone Unreal setup took 3rd World Studios approximately 3 to 4 hours to produce the entire 45 seconds of PSA animation

Uzair Zaheer Khan – Director / Producer


Francesco Tammaccaro – 2D Animator


Hi Folks, I’m Frank, a multimedia artist from Milan (Italy). What a wonderful time to be alive for an artist! Technology is allowing us to share our art with the people we love, create connections, collaboration and friendship with like-minded people, no matter how far away they are!

I put a lot of work and love in every assets you see in my store: I build them for you, because I know you have incredible stories to tell, and I hope my art could inspire you and make your greatest ideas come to life, through a beautiful animation.

This is what inspires me to do what I do, and drives me to create better and better content every day. If you’d like to talk to me, feel free to send me a message on facebook at @franksdoodles. I’m always happy to hear from my fellow creators!

“With Cartoon Animator 4, I get stuff done!”

Francesco Tammaccaro – 2D Animator
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