Create Cool Caricatures Quickly with This Powerful 3D Tool

Discover how Character Creator, Headshot plug-in and SkinGen plug-in can easily generate brilliant caricatures.

(Image credit: Peter Alexander)

The Headshot plug-in for Reallusion’s Character Creator allows users to generate 3D animated digital humans from one photo, and the SkinGen tool provides the most intuitive way to generate realistic skin details. SkinGen not only makes up for the photo resolution, but introduces more handy tools to inspire artists’ creativity.

In this article, Peter Alexander, digital freelancer, uses Character Creator, Headshot and the newest SkinGen tool to produce a likeness and caricature of Jack Nicholson with the goal of showcasing the latest features Reallusion has to offer.

Download a free trial of Headshot plug-in here, and learn how to easily create a fully animatable 3D caricature model from just a single photo.

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