CC SkinGen MasterClass #1: SkinGen Workflow with New CC3+ Base Advantages

Character Creator’s SkinGen MasterClass – with Luis Duarte

Luis Duarte – 3D Content Developer / Instructor

Luis Duarte

Hi guys, I’m Luis Duarte, a digital artist, 3D modeler, content developer and instructor on Libel

Welcome to this Character Creator MasterClass for Character Creator’s SkinGen plugin, where I will explain tips and tricks on the new surprises that the latest Character Creator 3 updates bring us with tools such as the new SkinGen texture editor, compatibility of models with system UDIM, the new improved topology and many others.

This MasterClass comes in #4 parts, each carries its own tutorial video to guide you through the entire process. You can find links to the other 3 tutorials below. I hope this helps you!

Tutorial 1: Character Creator 3 SkinGen Workflow with new CC3+ Base Advantages

Quick character creation with Ultimate morph sliders combined with Headshot 1000 + morphs.

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