Independent film director/animator Solomon W. Jagwe reviewed Reallusion’s new Motion LIVE mocap platform, and how it helped him achieve multiple animation goals within a short time, all within the confines of a limited budget!

Solomon used a Perception Neuron 2.0 motion capture suit together with an iPhone X as motion capture hardware by simultaneously connecting them with iClone. This gave Solomon the freedom to act out the different parts of his characters, while creating banks of animations that he can could later reuse for his new, animated children’s TV series – The Adventures of Nkoza & Nankya


Here are some nice quotes from the review.

“Reallusion offers both the Perception Neuron plug-in and the LIVE FACE plug-in, which make it possible to stream data from the mocap suit and an iPhone X simultaneously.”

– Solomon Jagwe

“The team at Reallusion has created a flexible solution that combines the best hardware on the market, with the fastest 3D animation software.” 

– Solomon Jagwe


“Motion LIVE and iClone are a solution that all my fellow storytellers out there should give serious consideration to. Reallusion is at the forefront of products that are democratizing mocap with a flexible offering meant to appeal to a broad swath of users. “

– Solomon Jagwe

Read the full review article on Post Magazine –

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