Filmmakers & Techies gather @ 2018 VIZARTS to Experience Realtime Motion Capture with iClone and Rokoko

Last month VIZARTS Lab 1 was held at Aalborg University, in Copenhagen where students, directors, cinematographers, scriptwriters, producers, animators, programmers, designers and researchers got together for three days to explore real-time motion capturing technologies to create innovative cases for engaging storytelling. 

At the event Tommy Thore Ipsen, from World For Story Studios – showcased how his team is using iClone’s Motion LIVE mocap platform and realtime animation tools, with Rokoko motion capture suits, to create augmented reality apps that engage audiences. 

VIZARTS – Lab 1: Engaging Storytelling with Motion Capture

The VIZARTS event – VIsualiZation and Adaptive Real-Time Storytelling, is a collaboratorium between filmmakers and techies that wish to create engaging narrative experiences with real-time motion capture, avatars and virtual puppets.

Tommy Ipsen is the Founder and AR Director at World For Story – a Denmark-based studio that brings stories to life through augmented reality applications for mobile phones and tablets.

His team at World For Story, creates life-size animated 3D characters on location, to tell stories for the entertainment and educational industry by using motion capture and real-time puppeteering techniques. Primarily focusing on mobile platforms such as IOS, Android, Snapchat, Facebook Amazon, and browser based open WebGL.

After a long technology search – World For Story Studios have chosen iClone’s Motion LIVE platform along with Rokoko’s Smartsuit PRO, in order to integrate and blend live performance animations with Leap Motion finger tracking, and even iPhone facial mocap via the free iClone LIVE FACE app. 

“The motion pipeline for iClone can combine facial animation with finger tracking, and body mocap, where you can do everything in layers .” – Tommy Ipsen / World of Story

In November, Tommy’s team was excited to showcase this amazing motion capture pipeline at the VIZARTS event –  which has worked to create a community around motion capture storytelling. These gatherings look to explore and showcase new technologies like iClone’s Motion LIVE, that are becoming more accessible for professionals and educators everywhere. 

Educators & Students trying the Rokoko Smartsuit PRO

The iClone pipeline ensures fast, high-quality realtime production, making creators able to spend more time on the fun and creative part of animated storytelling.” – Tommy Ipsen / World of Story

The 3 day VIZARTS workshops helped create a new platform to connect industry experts, creators, and students to discover new ways and techniques for creative storytelling. 

Learn more and follow the VIZARTS group:

ViZARTS is powered by
Nordisk Film Foundation –
Medialogy at Aalborg University
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================================ LIVE is a full body motion capture platform for iClone 3D software, that aggregates motion data streams from industry leading mocap devices, to drive 3D characters’ faces, hands and bodies simultaneously.  Motion LIVE is ready to animate custom imported characters or fully-rigged 3D characters generated by Character Creator, Daz Studio, or from other industry standard sources.

================================ – iClone’s LIVE FACE App enables iPhone X Face Mocap to live stream captured facial mocap data directly to a PC or Mac, transforming the iPhone X into a powerful 3D biometric mocap camera! Combine the LIVE FACE app on the iPhone X with Motion LIVE to create incredible 3D facial animation for performance capture, live TV, and virtual hosts for YouTube and web streaming. 


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