Reallusion & Microsoft Intoxicating VR

john1Microsoft, in cooperation with @Mobacap have gathered the best in southern VR during events held in Atlanta and Miami in May and June.  Over 300 attendees experienced VR games and visualizations from start-up and AAA game and video production teams.  The Microsoft Innovation Centers in Atlanta and Miami provide start-up and incubator spaces to help in launching businesses and projects where the environment is highly collaborative and that is what’s on display so well during intoxicating VR.  john2.jpgThe teams and VR experiences are part of a community of creators innovating in VR and that have teamed up with Microsoft to showcase and share VR innovation on a local level with outreach to connect the area’s key business, artist and technical  people during a night VR, drinks and lots of WOWS!

Reallusion showcased the iClone Animation Pipeline for creating characters and 3D content for VR games or fully animated scenes for VR 360 video.  iClone 6.5 PRO supports the rendering of VR 360 video with up to 4K renders for WIN 10 users.  Here’s some video and images from the Microsoft Intoxicating VR events.


James Martin of Mobacap uses the iClone Animation Pipeline for his characters, animation and level design and planning with FlipBlade, a knife and tomahawk throwing game for the HTC Vive and made with Unity.

Miami Microsoft Innovation Center – Hive Interactive


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