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Animation Magazine Technical Writer  Todd Seridan Perry met up with John Martin from Reallusion , Katie Jo Turk from Faceware and Chris Adamson from Xsens and tested Faceware, Xsens, and Reallusion’s iClone.

He gave all the above tools a full run for their money by personally strapping on the Xsens lycra suit with a helmet and head camera to test things out. Overall Todd was very impressed with this robust, new animation system.

Here are some quotes –

“There is a great synergistic relationship between Reallusion’s iClone real-time animation system, FaceWare’s headcams and software, and the Xsens MVN motion-capture system, which delivers real-time performance capture of both body and face, and applies it directly to CG characters with real-time feedback.”

— Todd Seridan Perry


“All of these tools fitting together gets me excited about how this can benefit independent artists who may not have access to a large motion-capture volume, or animation teams that just want to quickly block out beats in a performance and then add on top of it. We are living in the future, people!”

— Todd Seridan Perry


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