48hr Animation Jam sends first USA team from Georgia State to ASIAGRAPH World Finals


The Creative Media Industries Institute at Georgia State University hosted the inaugural US round of the Reallusion ASIAGRAPH 48hr Animation Jam June 29, 30 and July 1st 2018.  The participating students represented Georgia State University, Savannah College of Art and Design and Interns and recent grads that are now working with Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.


48hr Animation Jam 2018 – Highlight Video


Festivities were lead by GSU Professor of Practice, James C. Martin.  The CMII opened the facility to the young creators and provided access to motion capture with Xsens, Rokoko and Perception Neuron, along with facial capture with Faceware Realtime for iClone.

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“The iClone tools that were given to us… words can’t describe how valuable they are… like gold to an animator” – Dylan Collard, Savannah College of Art and Design student


Participants animated, rendered and produced at least 1min and up to 5min of footage.  Each team was required to utilize a Reallusion tool or solution in their final projects and each captured or animated all characters with iClone.  48hrs of animation and teamwork were necessary to be the team to go to Taiwan and compete in the final round and the 2018 local US round winner will be representing North America for the first time ever in this event.


It was a tight race and every group of contestants was really focused when production time was ticking away. They all went through their phases for planning, storyboarding, motion capture, animation, compositing and final rendering!

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The theme for this years local US event was TEARS…  and the Winners are…

1st Place went to Joel Mack, Max Thomas, and Shaw Walters for their animated short “The Price”


2nd Place went to Dylan Collard, Dhimanth Rao, and Piya Pahwa for their short “It’s okay to Cry”


3rd Place went to Max Woo and Cameron Halter with their short animation “Painting”



Dustin Bolton – 


Mark Zamlinsky –


Mitchell Wierenga, Jarki Smith, Justin Hall –

The 48hr Animation Jam and ASIAGRAPH are already thinking about the 2019 US local competition.  If you are interested in participating or hosting a local round: contact marketing@reallusion.com

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