This New Tech Will Spawn Billionaires and Almost Nobody Sees It Coming

Geoffrey James, the contributing editor for, author and professional speaker, recently posted an article on sharing his observations on real-time animation technology that will massively transform how movies and animated videos are made.

Reallusion’s iClone is proud to be mentioned as one of the pioneers of real-time animation technology alongside Unreal game engines. Based on Geoffrey’s research and experiences there are five areas where
3D real-time animation is disrupting established practices and establishing new markets.

Industry sectors like: Low-cost CGI and VFX Footage for Feature Film, Deep Pre-Visualization to Reduce Film Production Costs, Television Studios Located in Virtual Reality, Independently Produced Animated Features and Trade Show Kickoff videos.

For example, the latest Hollywood movie Replicas applies iClone real-time animation as a Previsualization tool to reduce production costs.

“Keanu Reeves used the iClone 3D animation software to reduce the shooting budget for his recently released film Replicas. Replicas is heavy on mixed live action and effects, which would have been prohibitively expensive if shot using traditional methods.”

– Geoffrey James / Columnist, Animator, Best-Selling Author

Geoffery himself, with no formal training as an animator, took a shot at animating “Halloween Dance”, a song written and produced by author and TV writer Martin Olson.

Using Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator software, he managed to create this animation film within a few months (working in his spare time).

The millions of creators whose talents far exceed mine will be able to use real-time to create incredible content–content rivaling the best CGI coming out today–at a tiny fraction of the time and cost.

– Geoffrey James / Columnist, Animator, Best-Selling Author

Here is the concept video Geoffrey also created using iClone:

It’s going to change huge swaths of the entertainment and training industries in most major and niche markets. It’s inevitable that this tectonic shift will create many new businesses, and some new billionaires as well.   

– Geoffrey James / Columnist, Animator, Best-Selling Author

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