Creativebloq: Is this the easiest 2D animation software yet?

Try Cartoon Animator 4 for professional 2D animation design

Clever animation can completely transform a character design. But good animation is difficult to achieve, the software is complex, and in general it’s best left to the experts, right? Wrong. With Cartoon Animator 4, anyone can become an animator. This animation design software is super simple to use, with professional looking results. 

Take a look at the demo reel below for a taste of exactly what this tool can do.

This might be just the tool you’ve been waiting for to take your practice to the next level. Let’s say you’re an illustrator or character designer. Cartoon Animator 4 will help you bring your creations to life and capture the imaginations of new clients. Maybe you’re a YouTuber or video maker – CTA 4 will help relieve the pressure of daily production. Or perhaps you’re already an animator, and on the hunt for a tool to speed up your workflow? It will help you out there, too. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of CTA 4’s most exciting features. 

2D facial mocap with any webcam

Motion capture has been a complete game-changer in the animation industry. It enables animators to capture expression and emotion in their characters like never before. Now, thanks to CTA 4, you can get started with mocap using just a standard webcam. 

Watch your character design – human, animal, or mythical beast – mimic your facial expressions and eye movements in real time, on screen. Filters and controls let you fine-tune the intensity of different gestures, and there’s a clever feature that enables you to start building body movements based on how the head is animated. Finally, try the real time lip sync and audio recording if you want to go one step further.

360 head creator to give 3D power to your 2D art

Character artists will know that one of the trickiest elements of the job is turning a 2D face design into a 3D head. This can limit the possibilities of what you can do with your character. Cartoon Animator 4’s 360 head creator helps remove those limits. 

Use the tools to define how your face design should look from different angles, and CTA 4 will use its smart capabilities to animate the transitions in a realistic way. Again, everything is adjustable and customisable, so you can get your characters looking and behaving exactly how you want them to. 

Want to give it a try for yourself? Download Cartoon Animator 4 trial version and experience exactly what it can do. 

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