Reallusion Reveals the 1st Wave of Pitch & Produce Outstanding Works Utilizing iClone and Unreal Pipeline

Reallusion announces the first wave of outstanding works for the Pitch & Produce program which brings tools and financial support for indies and commercial studios utilizing the iClone character and animation pipelines with Unreal Engine.

The Pitch & Produce program offers creatives the chance to develop exciting showcases that are featured and backed by Reallusion through access to real-time software tools, plugins, content packs, financial support and even publicity packages.

Since the start of the Pitch & Produce program in May 2020, Reallusion has received many submissions ranging from game and VR projects, to music videos, animated films, and more. This first round of announcements covers 7 outstanding works who were received before June 30th, 2020.

Outstanding Works: 

Ishan Shukla (India) “Schirkoa” / Film

Ishan Shukla, is the Indian animation filmmaker of the multiple award-winning film Schirkoa which is now being produced as a feature length animation with the use of realtime software to accelerate traditional industry processes.

Stephane Biesse (France) “YouXia” / Video Game

Aardwolf Interactive is a french development studio that is creating a tech noir action adventure game that employs digital humans and crowds using Character Creator’s latest AAA avatar technology in Unreal.

Maru Nihoniho (New Zealand) “Guardian Maia” / Interactive Game

Guardian Māia is an original story that is being turned into an animated project focusing on Māori mythology thanks to the use of realtime character creation and motion capturing tools combined with Unreal Engine.

Rapheal Aquil (USA) “Unresolved” / Film

Filmmaker Rapheal Aquil is a one-man team working to create a 5-part animated series where he will be combining a mocap animation mix with traditional keyframe animation.

Derek Ham (USA) “Barnstormers: Determined to Win” / VR Game

After years of production and development using 3ds Max and Maya with Unreal, North Carolina State University professor Derek Ham and his team at Logic Grip are now looking to create an interactive VR experience set to the backdrop of the historical Negro Baseball League.

Hi from the Future (USA) “Find A Way” / Music Video

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hi from the Future Studios pitched a concept for a CGI fully animated music video for Republic Records recording artist, Duckwrth’s new song ‘Find A Way’. Through a series of early virtual workshop sessions with Duckwrth and team, they collaborated entirely remotely to visualize each aspect of the animated concept, from the overall guiding story arc and structure, down to the details of each artist’s wardrobe and live performance capture.

Jamar Muslar (USA) “Lazarus Curse” / Indie Game

Lazarus Curse is a 3-D open world game by Georgia State University student Jamar Muslar who has been able to create this game after receiving support from Reallusion’s educational software packages.

Reallusion appreciates all submissions made to the Pitch & Produce program and will begin to announce, with more in-depth coverage of final recipient works, in September 2020.

The Pitch & Produce Program continues as new proposals are being received and reviewed for a second round of chosen works before the end of the year 2020. Reallusion encourages creatives to pitch their proposals for a chance to get supported.

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