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Pitch & Produce | LUCIDUS MORTEM: Two Person Studio creates Interactive Mystery Game with Real-time Software

Kim Planella & Judit Hierro – Indigo Studios

Kim Planella & Judit Hierro – Indigo Studios

Indigo Studios is an independent game development company, created by Judit and Kim, two professionals with long experience in the audiovisual world, as directors and scriptwriters.

The main focus of their productions are games with great stories, deeply developed characters and suggestive atmospheres with elaborate scripts. It also focuses on the creation of original soundtracks and the treatment of scripts of all kinds.

“We believe that in the future, even beyond video games, there will be new realities, distinctly wonderful and exciting, where you can feel everything from the heat of the desert to the cold of winter, where you can even smell from a garden rose to a dusty old book. A new dimension, where virtual characters will accompany you in an immersive way through realities imagined by the most creative and surprising minds.  From Indigo Studios we will try to improve every day and do our best to try to bring the player closer to these new experiences. ” – Indigo Studios

As a small studio, we have achieved incredible results in record time, previously only possible for big studios. Reallusion makes this magic possible as in the world of video games it is so difficult to choose the right development software. Reallusion was for us the unquestionable best choice for realistic characters and animations. Thanks to their tools, our games can reach the next level of quality.”

Kim Planella & Judit Hierro – Indigo Studios

Q: Hello Kim and Judit, and congratulations for being part of the Reallusion Pitch & Produce program! Kindly tell us about your background, and how this support program from Reallusion has helped in your production?

Thank you very much for your help and support. Indigo Studios is a small independent company.  In our projects there are two main things, the atmosphere and the characters; two essential aspects to tell a good story and get the player immersed in the script.

Being part of the Reallusion Pitch & Produce program has been the definitive push to finish one of our most ambitious projects “Lucidus Mortem“.  Without this help it would have been very difficult to achieve this project as we have dreamed.

Q: Indigo Studios has been using Character Creator (CC) to accelerate production of high quality 3D characters. How did you discover CC software and what is the advantage of using it to create your characters?

We set out to find the best software on the market for the creation of characters that demanded to be very real and with very defined appearance and personalities, so we concluded that the one that offered us more possibilities was Character Creator from Reallusion.

“Character Creator (CC) offers us versatility, as its intuitive handling and the countless features available in the process of creating characters. The dynamics of working with (CC) is really excellent.”

Kim Planella & Judit Hierro – Indigo Studios

Q: You also utilized iClone for the character game motions. Why did you choose iClone, and what benefits do you find using it with Character Creator prior to sending everything to Unreal Engine?

Reallusion achieves extraordinary fidelity from one program to the other. iClone is an animation tool that literally “brought to life” our characters created with Character Creator. We felt very supported by its animation libraries and its compatibility with the best MOCAPs on the market.

“iClone allowed us to modify the animations almost infinitely to perfect them as much as possible and to coordinate the character’s lip movement to improve the pronunciation effect.”

Kim Planella & Judit Hierro – Indigo Studios

Being Unreal Engine users, the iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in, from Reallusion, allowed us to create the animations and in real-time be able to see them integrated into the UE engine. This is undoubtedly a very valuable tool for us.

Q: Lucidus Mortem is currently under development, when can audiences expect to see a playable demo, and where can they follow Indigo Studios for more?

Lucidus Mortem is a very big project and its development continues at a very good pace. We hope to have a playable version by the end of 2022. All the news related to this project can be found on our social media:

Kim Planella & Judit Hierro – Indigo Studios

We would like to thank once again the Reallusion team for their help and congratulate them for their great products. We will surely continue to work with them in our future projects and we will be very attentive to all the news they launch in the future.

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