Reallusion and 3Dconnexion leverage synergies to accelerate 3D animation production

Reallusion, a platform for digital human character creativity and animation, joined forces with 3Dconnexion, a German manufacturer of human interface devices, to accelerate 3D real-time workflows on camera directing, character animation, and sequence editing. All iClone features can be accessed using the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse®. 

iClone is a fast real-time 3D animation software for professional use in films, previz, animation, apps, and games; as its user-friendly environment blends facial performance, humanoid body animation, mocap production, scene design, and cinematic storytelling.

Voted as the top device request in iClone users’ wishlist, iClone’s latest version 8 has refreshed its software architecture, opening it up to freedom of customization with SpaceMouse through hotkey and device mapping to more than 700 iClone features. 

3Dconnexion’s SpaceMouse brings joy and sensitivity to 3D creation with iClone 8, allowing for unprecedented agility for animating, directing, timeline editing and live recording.”

– Charles Chen, Founder & CEO of Reallusion

“It has been a great pleasure for us to collaborate with the Reallusion team on this integration. We believe this will let our joint users experience 3D like never before, while adding more speed and enjoyment to their workflow.”

– Antonio Pascucci, CEO of 3Dconnexion

Powerful Real-time Production Workflows 

Three specially designed SpaceMouse presets have been optimised for Animation Editing, Object Transformation, and Light Arrangement.

In addition to camera navigation, SpaceMouse has been highly optimised for Animation Editing that requires quick collaboration between view angles, joint traversal, posing, and lots of manipulation through left hand control.

The handy timeline scrubbing function simulates jog dialling by using the 6DoF sensor so that users can easily search target frames by manipulating scroll, zoom speed, break clips, and copy/paste keyframes. The context-sensitive design will control cameras and objects while in the 3D viewport, but will also work as an animation sequencer when focused in the Timeline.

Freely Download Presets

To make the most of the SpaceMouse with iClone’s real-time production, users can freely download three SpaceMouse hotkey presets to work with different design purposes. iClone 8 users just need to easily switch to a desired profile via 3Dconnexion’s driver, 3DxWare 10. 

The latest iClone 8 Profiles can be downloaded here.

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