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We thank Animation and Video blog for giving Cloud Animator a thorough review: Cloud Animator- Creative Interactive Explainer/ Presentation Videos


“The best I can describe a Cloud Animator Video Presentation is that it is kind of a cross between a Powerpoint Presentation, Animated Explainer Video, and a HTML5 application.”  – Animation and video blog

“As you would expect Cloud Animator can import video clips, gif animations, various image formats, audio, and more to help you create a unique video presentation about almost anything.”  – Animation and video blog

“Cloud Animator is well worth considering if you want to engage your audience in a more fun and intuitive way.”  -Animation and video blog


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CA_logo.jpg Cloud Animator is super media tool that helps you integrate videos, images, animations, audio, music and text into one animated project. Inside, users can directly turn their text into speech, to combine with animated effects to transform static objects into an eye-catching demo that you can share



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  1. The cloud animator is indeed the far better choice for presentation creation and for animation, explainer and whiteboard video creation. I even create it for commercial purpose and also recommend it to my clients.

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