Reallusion Character Creator 3 and InstaLOD partner to optimize game character design


Game design has many challenges and Reallusion is set to simplify the game character design process with Character Creator 3. Reallusion has partnered with InstaLOD and now includes automatic optimization of 3D characters with features for polygon optimization, material merging, and remeshing.  Seamlessly offers PC, Mobile, and VR game developers a total creation-to-gamification, character creation solution. Build characters for use in game engines as high-detail PBR and best in-game visual experience for Unity and Unreal with Character Creator 3.

CC 3 is launching in September and includes InstaLOD. Pre-order is available now with special savings.

Character Creator 3 with InstaLOD video

Character Creator 3 interactive preview with Unity

Download the game sample and experience Character Creator 3 in Unity.

Download Unity Sample here


Character Creator 3 with InstaLOD: Built-in Game Character Optimization


“We could not be happier with Reallusion’s highly customized integration of InstaLOD that flawlessly fits into the workflows of Character Creator 3. With InstaLOD as an integral part of the CC 3 launch, customers will be able to automatically produce optimized character assets by making use of InstaLOD’s polygon optimization, remeshing, material merging and baking technologies.”

— Manfred Manik Nerurkar, InstaLOD CEO


InstaLOD inside Character Creator 3 fulfills the complete game character pipeline on polygon reduction, material merge, texture baking, remeshing and LOD generation.  These necessary elements of game design are able to be completed for every Character Creator 3 in one seamless process. After designing with character morphs, clothing, accessories and materials the InstaLOD embedded features finalize the gamification for each character and produce up to 5 levels of detail to load into Unity or Unreal game engines.

  • Polygon Reduction
    • The integration of InstaLOD’s polygon optimizer enables users to make high polygon content real-time ready with predefined presets.
    • Reduction targets can be all wearable items, single mesh, or accessory sub-element.


  • Material Merge
    • Significantly reduce draw calls for optimal game performance.
    • Options to group selected materials to target UV maps
      • Merge All Materials into One Map
      • Merge by Type – Outfit, Accessory, Body
      • Merge by Item – Individual Wearables, Body
    • Bake up to 4K merged texture size.


InstaLOD’s material merging technology inside CC3 solves the final bottleneck of character creation by combining all materials into a single material. This process minimizes rendering complexity, reduces the draw call in-engine, and ultimately results in optimal game character performance.

  • Remesher
    • Combine separate character meshes into one.
    • Generate character models in multiple LOD.
    • Custom define output criteria for each mesh level.
    • LOD distance with progressive visual quality while switching character models in different viewing distance.



Game Character Base with topology optimized for game development 

CC3 is introducing a new Game Character Base with its topology optimized for Mobile, Game, AR/VR developers. The 10K polygon base also answers the call for displaying massive amount of NPCs or Citizens with true-to-life body and facial animation without serious performance drop in real-time render.

  • Optimized game character base for NPC and mobile game
  • Simplified bone structure for facial and body
  • Merge materials for game performance animation


Character Creator 3 Works in Games


Dedicated character export profiles included with Character Creator 3 are optimized for Unity, Unreal and Cryengine game engines. Character Creator 3 can generate high quality, real-time optimized characters ready for the following game controls:

  • Game Character LOD– Seamlessly switch character levels based on the camera distance.
  • Third Person Interactive Control the bone structure and naming of CC3 characters are fully compatible with the Unreal UE4 rig and Unity Mecanim avatar.
  • First Person View (FPV)– Easily create custom hands and animations with high-resolution hand detail for various Weapon Modes.
  • Talking Game Character– CC3 Characters include a complete face rig with more than 60 feature morphs optimized for voice lipsync and facial mocap.
Generate high-quality talking characters for Unreal Engine UE4 with PBR material

Full details and features are available on the Character Creator 3 website with demo videos

More information on game design features of Character Creator 3:

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