3D World Highly Commended Award for iPhone X Face Mocap: LIVE FACE for iClone


The iPhone X Face Mocap: LIVE FACE for iClone just won the Highly Commended Award for software on 3D World Magazine’s 2018 December issue; receiving a score of  4 out of 5.

Reviewer Mike Sherwood is a 3D artist specialist in human modeling and animation. Here are some of his review quotes:

“The iPhone X/ LIVE FACE approach is remarkably stable and easy to use ‘out of the box’.
It is a stable, efficient and easy-to-use facial mocap approach, and a practical addition to the animator’s toolbox” 


The iPhone X app LIVE FACE works with iClone Motion LIVE to provide a total solution out-of-the-box for full-body and face motion capture. VFX on a budget and innovation now meet with the iPhone X for motion capture combined with iClone Motion Live and the LIVE FACE app.


About Mike Sherwood


Mike Sherwood is a 3D Artist and a New Media Developer & Consultant with over 20 years experience.

He is a specialist in human modeling and animation. After a couple of years as a software engineering company director, he is currently contributing to Reallusion’s ongoing software development.



Motion live

http://bit.ly/2l8TIz3 – the one-and-only full body motion capture platform designed for performance animation. Motion LIVE aggregates motion data streams from industry leading mocap devices, and drives 3D characters’ faces, hands and bodies simultaneously.

The intuitive plug-and-play design makes connecting complicated mocap devices a simple selection. Motion LIVE is ready to animate custom imported characters or fully-rigged 3D characters generated by Character Creator, Daz Studio, or from other industry standard source.



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