First Impressions of Character Creator 3

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Character Creator 3 is poised to be the 3D avatar generator tool of the industry! Starting from v3, Character Creator will turn into a stand-alone character generator to fulfill the multi-faceted demands of our user-base in the realm of AR/VR, game, and animation production.

Check out this first impressions video from Closed Beta users who have had the chance to test drive this amazing new tool!

If you haven’t been following the latest updates for Character Creator 3, then take a look at the work in progress pages that focused on quality production and game character pipeline.

CC3 – Work in Progress #1


CC3 – Work in Progress #2


Pricing and availability

Character Creator 3.0 is due to be released in September 2018 for Windows 7+.

The base edition, ‘Character Creator 3.0 for iClone’, will be free for registered users of iClone 7. To export characters in OBJ or FBX format, users of the iClone edition will also need a separate add-on, 3DXChange 7, which will cost $199 for the Pro edition or $499 for the Pipeline edition.

The standalone edition, ‘Character Creator 3.0 Pipeline’, will come with the export functionality and extra tools built in, and costs $199. This stand-alone version will include powerful features like; GoZ, InstaLOD, Remesher, Polygon reduction, Daz 3D character import/export and a new automated skinning system for clothing. You can see a detailed feature comparison of the two editions here.

Reallusion has also announced a new plugin edition of the Iray GPU renderer designed for use with either version of Character Creator, or with iClone itself. It’s due to ship in “Q4 2018” and will cost $99.

Both Character Creator 3.0 and the Iray plugin are currently available to pre-order at a discount.

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