AT&T SHAPE Features the Future of Media and Entertainment Technology

iClone 7 and Character Creator 3 showcase Realtime 3D for Virtual Production

AT&T Shape 2019, an entertainment and wireless technology event hosted at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California featured the future of 5G wireless technology from AT&T, Nokia, Nvidia, and Google, along with a number of companies there to share innovations in media and entertainment.  Noitom, makers of Perception Neuron and Magic Leap, the mega AR glasses company were also among those attendance. AT&T Shape offers attendees a weekend on the famous Warner Brothers Studios lot to hear from industry speakers and see the latest solutions for industry leaders.

Reallusion was setup in the town chapel with 5G innovation and Media Technology leaders.

Reallusion was invited to AT&T Shape to show the media production power of Character Creator 3 and iClone 7 for producing realtime characters and animation.  Attendees were able to see how 3D characters are made in minutes with Character Creator and then animated in iClone with face and body animation.

The iPhone hooked up to iClone 7 and the Motion Live plugin for iClone enabled attendees to experience facial animation first-hand with Reallusion 3D characters.  All characters created with Character Creator have instant rigging and are ready to animate. Visitors to the Reallusion booth engaged in animation production, which offered many of the actors and actresses attending to let their talents shine.

We even went full action-hero with Raisa Donato of Google, and also an actress and motion capture performer in Los Angeles.  HeadShot and Character Creator generated this 3D digital double of Raisa in just a few seconds. Our friend that works for Dreamworks worked with Raisa on her own action starring role in an iClone animation.  The future of entertainment is experienced at AT&T Shape with Reallusion.

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