Reallusion unveils HeadShot AI, iClone Unreal Live Link and New Digital Human Shader @ 2019 Los Angeles SIGGRAPH

New realtime technology driving virtual production, movies, games, AR/VR and motion capture comes to all creators from Reallusion at Siggraph 2019.  Reallusion innovations are poised to democratize the creation and animation of digital humans. Join Reallusion at booth #640 for live demonstrations with iClone Unreal Live Link featuring realtime face and body motion capture from iClone to Unreal, an interactive demo to create a 3D face morph from HeadShot, a new AI based plugin for Character Creator 3, and the evolution of our 3D characters with the debut of our  realtime Digital Human Shader.

The Reallusion pipeline of Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Unreal Engine is a creative force to design, animate and deploy 3D characters for realtime Unreal projects.

iClone Unreal Live Link – Create and Control Lights, Cameras and Characters

iClone Unreal Live Link is the fusion of iClone creativity with Unreal Engine.  Transfer and animate characters, control lights and cameras, and edit motion from iClone to Unreal Engine. Seamless one-click data link sends iClone assets to Unreal Engine without the import/export process of FBX.

iClone Unreal Live Link: Create, Animate and Deploy Characters for Unreal Engine

iClone Unreal Live Link brings the ease of facial animation, motion editing and performance capture from iClone to Unreal. Reallusion motion capture device partners offer industry leading support for a combination of devices to capture face, body and hands.  Incorporate the specialized iClone animation tools to Unreal Engine from iClone’s Motion Puppet to the Motion Library for access to motion design tools and themed motion content Use iClone to edit and master character performances, lights and cameras for UE4 sequences and record everything to the sequencer.  iClone Unreal Live Link is The Digital Human Creation and Animation System for Unreal.

Realistic Digital Human Shader for iClone and Character Creator

The upcoming real-time shader will provide a high level of digital human compatibility for the ever evolving Unreal and Unity engines. The Character Creator 3 system is the base to start designing custom characters for all 3D tools. The new Reallusion Digital Human Shader is optimized with SSS and Micro Normal (skin, teeth, eyes hair), and is automatically applied and assigned in Unreal.

Headshot : AI-Based 3D Face Generation from Photo

Headshot, Artificial intelligence will assist users in turning a single photograph into a talking, animatable 3D character with Character Creator 3.  Creating and morphing characters for realtime time animation now has machine learning behind Headshot, a new feature that can create a digital double from any photograph.  The technology will analyze the photo, texture the character face accurately, and generate a 3D morph of the character’s head. One photo, one step, one 3D character.  Headshot will be released Q4 2019


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