Thank you for visiting us @ 2019 Los Angeles SIGGRAPH

The Fusion of iClone Creativity & Unreal Engine at SIGGRAPH 2019

Its been a week since SIGGRAPH 2019, and Reallusion would like to thank all our fans, friends and partners who visited our booth to experience the latest in realtime technology for virtual production, movies, games, AR/VR and motion capture.

In Los Angeles, Reallusion innovated once again by democratizing the creation and animation of digital humans through Character Creator’s Headshot and the iClone Unreal Live Link plug-in.

Experiences at the Reallusion booth included realtime performance capture for live virtual productions in iClone and Unreal via the iClone Unreal Link Link plug-in.

The iClone Unreal Live Link was designed to bring together iClone creativity with Unreal Engine by allowing users to transfer and animate characters, control lights and cameras, and edit motion from iClone to Unreal Engine without the need of FBX import/export.

Adding character to the realism of realtime engines, Reallusion’s Digital Human shader provides a high level of compatibility for the ever evolving Unreal and Unity engines. The new Reallusion Digital Human Shader is optimized with SSS and Micro Normal (skin, teeth, eyes hair), and is automatically applied and assigned in Unreal.

Characters, lights and cameras are a seamless one-click data link that from iClone to Unreal Engine. Learn More about availability.

Headshot for Character Creator 3, at SIGGRAPH debuted Reallusion’s artificial intelligence based tool that assists users in turning a single photograph into a talking, animatable 3D character. Create a digital double from any photograph as the technology analyzes a photo, textures the character face, and generates a 3D morph of the character’s head. Siggraph attendees got a first-look at the alpha version with more updates coming soon! * Headshot will be released Q4 2019

The characters from Reallusion Siggraph 2019 demo

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