Reallusion Character Creator Headshot @ 2019 Sydney SIGGRAPH Asia Real-Time Live!

November 20th in Brisbane – Six teams gathered in Australia to compete in SIGGRAPH Asia’s Real-Time Live! Reallusion was invited as a guest to showcase its latest Headshot technology for Character Creator 3.

The show featured the host and Real-Time Live! chair; Mike Seymour – editor of FXguide, introducing each team in the competition from Australia, Japan, China and the USA.  Reallusion’s John Martin presented Character Creator Headshot with a demo that created a digital human from a photo and added the character to a virtual production previs shot in iClone.

“SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live! is a great experience for both those in competition and the audience. Reallusion was happy to be invited to present Character Creator Headshot at Siggraph Asia Real-Time Live!,” said John Martin, vice president of Reallusion. “Digital Humans are everywhere these days and the Reallusion tools and workflow we shared in Brisbane shows how real digital humans are able to be quickly created for films, games, immersive projects or virtual production.”

Character Creator Headshot launched on November 19th and first debuted at Real-time Live!.  The AI powered plugin, Headshot turns any photo into a 3D digital human head that takes digital doubles to a new level. Coupled with iClone 3D Animation software, Character Creator Headshot can create a 3D character ready for animation and motion capture.

To highlight the launch of Headshot, Fxguide’s Mike Seymour wrote about the launch and tools behind Character Creator Headshot in this article:

Additional coverage of SIGGRAPH Asia and the Headshot launch was published on, CG Channel and by a number of users posting their own creations and tutorials. 

SIGGRAPH Asia Friends & Partners

The opportunity to meet with friends and partners during SIGGRAPH is always a rewarding experience and SIGGRAPH Asia provided a chance to see educators, filmmakers and technology partners.

Real-Time Live! Chairman, and Fxguide Co-founder – Mike Seymour and James Shen

(left to right ) Mike Seymour, John Martin, James Shen

Areito Echevarria – Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Senior Lecturer and former Head of FX for Weta has incorporated Character Creator into the School of Design’s Graduate program

Ginger Tontaveetong – ASIFIA The International Animated Film Society

Fahad H. – Head of Student Volunteers for SIGGRAPH

Xsens & Reallusion Team

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