Reallusion Receives Epic MegaGrant Award

Indies Rise with Real-time Digital Human Revolution

Reallusion, developers of Character Creator and iClone, proudly announce the honor of an Epic MegaGrant award from Epic Games. Reallusion iClone is used by independent  developers and Unreal Engine users to create, animate and deploy characters for games, films and virtual production. The prestigious MegaGrant is a massive accolade for iClone as it demonstrates the shared interest Reallusion and Epic have with the independent development community. Thanks to Epic MegaGrants, Reallusion now provides a complete character creation and animation pipeline to Unreal Engine for indies and studios of every size to realize digital humans.

The fusion of iClone with Unreal Engine produces a unique combination of features that extend the power of iClone tools directly into UE4. Indie developers, game studios and all users of Unreal Engine can now experience the power of these essential iClone features; character generation with Character Creator and Headshot, a massive motion library with UE4 – compatible motions, mocap full-body, face and hands with a myriad of devices, Face/Body animation editing, all of which can be sent to Unreal Engine with One-click transfer and Auto Setup.

Reallusion is passionately devoted to supporting the indie community with the MegaGrant, and will continue to evolve the pipeline into Unreal Engine, by establishing a fund for Unreal Engine users to pitch projects for production sponsorship support from Reallusion.

Indie studios edge closer to AAA with Reallusion and Unreal Engine

As independent studios and creators are becoming equipped with tools like iClone, Character Creator and Unreal Engine, the playing field is leveling between indies and professional studios. One key difference is the number of people an independent project requires versus a AAA studio project, as demonstrated by the recent release of many iClone Unreal Live Link showcases that evidence the usage of professional indie studios from around the world like FYQD Studio’s: Bright Memory.

iClone and Unreal Engine showcases:

Pitch and Produce – Reallusion campaign kickoff

Reallusion opens the opportunity for Unreal Engine users to pitch projects that utilize Character Creator and iClone for a chance to get funds to produce their projects. Ongoing projects that are interested in incorporating Reallusion tools into their pipelines will be considered along with new project proposals. A fund established by Reallusion will provide developers with free tools, or sponsorships ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Those interested in applying for the Reallusion Pitch and Produce program can fill out the online form here:

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