AI-generated Faces to Spawn a Digital Army

From AI-generated photos to AI-generated characters – Reallusion and Generated Photos launch a total solution for digital crowd generation.

Digital Human toolset provider Reallusion, teams up with Generated Photos  – company creating AI headshots , to launch a total solution that converts AI-generated face photos into fully animatable 3D digital doubles that can be used to create crowds for film, game, archviz, visualizations, and more.

2.6 Million Royalty-free Human Faces generated by AI

Generated Photos released its stock face photo service in 2019.  The images were created using Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN), a class of machine learning frameworks. The database now includes 2.6M AI-generated headshots available for personal and commercial uses.

From AI-generated Faces to AI-generated Humans

Headshot, the AI-powered plug-In for Character Creator 3 from Reallusion, generates 3D real-time digital humans from a single photograph. Allowing users to employ intelligent texture blending and head mesh creation, to rapidly generate fully-rigged facial and body characters that are also 100% royalty free.

“It is mesmerizing to see how Reallusion’s toolset transforms 2D headshots into 3D full body humans. Generated Photos provides creators with a massive variety of faces, from where they can select the right persona by age, gender, ethnicity, physical features, or image similarity. Then with Reallusion’s software, the 2D image becomes 3D in seconds and gets morphed and detailed to create strikingly realistic and developed characters.”

– Alena Pashpekina, Partnerships Manager, Generated Photos

With Character Creator, Reallusion also offers a dynamic skin material system called SkinGen that adds life-like skin effects through layered material maps like normal, details, blemishes and makeup, allowing artists to upscale from 1K image to 4K quality.

YouXia: Action Adventure Game generated 100 quality NPC characters in a day using Artificial Intelligence

Aardwolf Interactive is a French development studio that is creating a tech noir action adventure game YOUXIA, that employs digital humans and crowds using Character Creator and its artificial intelligence plugin Headshot, combined with AI generated photo faces from Generated Photos.

Free Access to Facial Photos with Commercial Use Rights

To celebrate Reallusion’s 20-year anniversary, Generated Photos is now offering every Headshot purchase users with a free, 1-month access to royalty-free facial photos. See the website for details –

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