How to Quickly Create an Animatable iClone character using ZBrush


 A Step-by-Step Guide on Customizing Morphs and Accessories.

Is it really necessary to take months for Character Creation?

M.D. McCallum is a commercial graphics artist, 3D animator, published author, project director, and webmaster. He is as busy as most 3D artists. Typically he spends “months” of the process doing 3D character creation stuff like; drafting the concept of the character, doing the sculpting, building/ shaping the details of the character, creating the mesh, and texturing. Then the rigging and animating. And if you are a one man studio, then you can really imagine all the time and effort that goes into this. But does it really have to be this way? Is there a quicker way to do character creation?


A Faster Way to Animating a ZBrush Character

The answer to the previous question is a simple YES. There is a faster way to animate ZBrush characters. Surprisingly, most people still don’t know about this process which involves the use of the iClone Character Creator tool.

In his tutorial, M.D. McCallum employed some of the traditional steps known by 3D artists, but he also streamlined the process in an effort of finding the fastest way to create 3D characters involving; instant character rigging, and high-quality animations that are automatically retargeted to your 3D character. His method also allows for a multi-functional use with flexible 3D character clothing designs, granting artists the ability to quickly re-purpose original ZBrush character creations by using a pre-rigged character base from the Character Creator tool and simply re-employing it throughout the pipeline.

“Since Character Creator takes care of all the tedious work like rigging, we can concentrate on the creative part of the project by using third-party modeling applications like ZBrush, Mudbox, and Sculptris to modify the mesh at a higher division level”

 “We Finally get to do the fun stuff, while Reallusion sweats the details and takes care of the tedious nature of rigging behind the scene completely invisible to the user.” 

– M.D. McCallum

How Do I begin?

So does this sound far from your current workflow? Are you struggling to find a fast and easy character creation process? Well, it doesn’t have to be this way as the process that M.D. McCallum employs has been proven, and now you can do it to.

See the full tutorial on how to Morph, Sculpt & Create 3D Characters with Character Creator & ZBrush.




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