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How to Upload your 2D content to the Reallusion 2D Marketplace


Uploading your content to the Reallusion 2D Marketplace

Reallusion 2D Marketplace

Once you have your first content ready to upload to the 2D Marketplace you will need to download and install the Content Uploader from . This page also has more detailed information. If you have any questions about this process, please email our 2D Community Manager at .

Using the Content Uploader to upload a background

Download the Content Uploader from and log into your Reallusion account.

To upload a scene (.ctScene), ‘Add’ your scene to the Uploader.

With your scene selected, you’ll see the options you have for it on the right hand side of screen. Fill out ‘Item Name’. The Product is ‘Cartoon Animator’ and the version should be the latest. For a .ctScene file, the ‘Type’ will be ‘Scene —– Scene —— Universal”. The ‘Category’ is ‘Scene’ and then fill out the second menu choice based on which you feel is best suited to your theme.

You do not need to add a ‘Price’ here as we are going to package this item up later as a ‘Content Pack’ before selling it. Right now we are just loading the item to your account. Leave ‘Export License’ unchecked and fill in a short description of the item. Don’t go in to detail here, as again this is just for you. Under ‘Optional Info’ you will need to add a ‘Preview Image’. Just add the title image for your pack. It needs to be 1920×1080. You do not need to add a ‘Content Page Header’ or ‘Content Thumbnail’. We will do this when we create the Content Pack.

Leave the rest unchecked and then hit ‘Upload’ to upload you pack to your account.

Using the Content Uploader to upload a series of props

Say for instance you have created a series of trees and flowers and you would like to sell them as a prop (.ctProp) pack.

To do this, you first need to upload all of your individual ctProp files and then bundle them all together to sell as a Content Pack. The process is the same as above, only this time you can batch upload a number files at the same time. Select ‘Add’ and then choose all your files. When they appear, they will all be selected.

This time, under ‘Category’, you will want to select ‘Props’ and then the appropriate category from the second pull down menu. Everything else is the same as loading a ctScene.

Time to make a Content Pack

Now you have your files uploaded to your account, and it’s time to create a ‘Content Pack’. Essentially this means taking any number of individual files, even a combination of ctProps and ctScene files and putting them altogether in one package that will be sold to the customer.

Even if you are selling a single item, it is still best that you use the ‘Create Content Pack’ option for publishing the item.

This is what your management screen looks like, with your content loaded and ready to package in to Content Packs.

Before creating a new Content Pack, it is important to create a ‘Sub-Folder’ for every time you have loaded. A sub-folder is the place where your content will download to in the customers Cartoon Animator.

You can assign a sub-folder in the Content Uploader, or you can do it here. To assign a sub-folder, first click the ‘Edit’ button as highlighted below.

Scroll to the bottom of this screen and fill out the ‘Sub-Folder’ in a similar way as highlighted below.

Click ‘Save and Hide’ as we do not want to publish this item until we package it up as a Content Pack.

Creating a Content Pack

With all your files are loaded to your account, it’s time to click ‘Create Content Pack’ as highlighted below.

This will take you to screen where you can create your Content Pack, shown here:

The following are the steps required to make your Content Pack:

  • Product – Cartoon Animator
  • Version – Select the latest version
  • Type  – Scene. Then from the second pull down menu choose ‘Scene’ or ‘Props’ depending on what you are uploading. If you are uploading both for the same pack, select ‘Scene’
  • Category – Scene. From the second pull down menu choose ‘Scene’ or ‘Props’ depending on what you are uploading. If you are uploading both for the same pack, select ‘Scene’. Choose the option from the third pull down menu that you feel best describes your content.
  • Pack Name – The name of your pack.
  • Price – Set the price you want to sell your pack for in DA point. 1000DA points = $1US
  • Content Thumbnail – This is the first image people will see of your pack in the Marketplace. It needs to be 512×650 pixels. See examples of Thumbnails below.
  • Description – This will be read by potential customers.
  • Required Base Contents – Leave blank
  • Page Header – Insert your title image for the pack. Image needs to be 1920×1080 pixels.
  • Preview Image – You can add more images of your pack here.
  • Tags – Use words that will help people find your content when searching the site.

Now that you are ready, click ‘Save and Publish’ and your pack will appear in the Marketplace shortly at

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