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From ZBrush Modeler to Animation Artist


Giancarlo Sevilla, a 3D model artist, shared his experience of using Character Creator, the full character creation solution, and ActorCore 3D motion library to quickly turn his T-pose character into vividly animated avatar for games and films.

Giancarlo Sevilla is a 3D modeler who graduated from a Canadian school where he specialized in character art. He started this journey back in 2012, working in the 3D printing industry making figures for collectors and in his spare time getting some freelance contracts. After getting some experience making characters, he then jumped into the video game industry.

In this tutorial, Giancarlo will show how to turn a T-pose model into a 3D animated character and send it into Maya in no time, using Character Creator to create the rigged, textured character with quality mocap animations from ActorCore.

From T-pose Character to Rigged, Textured Character

I have seen the industry evolve, taking big steps since then. As artists we cannot stay behind as we have to be up to date with the latest tools that speed up our workflows as companies, and particular clients, are becoming more competitive when developing games content. During my journey I stumbled upon this amazing tool – Character Creator 3 (CC3).

In the past, I used other 3D apps before finding an optimal way to speed up my character modeling workflow. Some applications were useful but they didn’t integrate with my other standard tools such as Maya, ZBrush and Substance Painter. Therefore time was always a concern when developing characters, as we have to work effectively to maximize profits.

That is where Character Creator 3 stepped in. As I tried to create characters, it really was the best tool to speed up the creation process because CC3 models were already rigged, textured and easily adaptable to needs. It is also worth mentioning that CC3 includes a wide variety of poses available for you to drag and drop onto your 3d model. Additionally, Reallusion – the developer of Character Creator, has recently released a huge library of quality mocap animations that are compatible with all 3d models. This saves you much time, as you no longer have to animate frame-by-frame to test in your favorite game engine.

ActorCore Bringing My Characters to Life

With the release of the ActorCore 3D motion Library, 3D character artists now won’t have to worry about taking the extra time to create animations as they can simply turn their T-pose characters into vividly animated characters for games or films.

It is worth mentioning that ActorCore works in conjunction with Character Creator, and any other 3D animation tool, as it offers a variety of options to animate any humanoid model. The fact that CC3 models have great textures and rig, makes it the ideal tool to speed up the process of making appealing characters.

Challenges to Animate a Character

  • Additional time after modelling to create proper animatable rigs.
  • Skills to recreate seamless animations such as walking, running, and jumping.
  • Reference availability.

I am a Maya user, and I found that ActorCore supports most major 3D programs such as Maya, 3dsMax, MotionBuilder, Unreal Engine, Unity and Blender. The Maya HumanIK template it provides saves me hours from complicated and routine procedures of mapping animations to Maya’s HumanIK System. 

No More Stress for High Quality Character Making 

Having the ActorCore 3D motion library available makes animating our models less stressful and time-consuming, making retargeting a 5-minute job. ActorCore also has a wide variety of well-defined categories, such as life, combat, action, fantasy, and battle, among others.

I absolutely find the combination of Character Creator and ActorCore one of the best alternatives available. Not just to model, but also for texturing rigged models. 

Character Creator ’s compatibility with industry standard software such as Substance and ZBrush, along with the usefulness of ActorCore, feels like having everything I need to produce high quality AAA characters which I can send to Unreal Engine or Marmoset to create superb renders.
See it yourself.  Download and try Character Creator and ActorCore today.

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