iClone MetaHuman Live Link : Animate MetaHumans Face, Body, Voice Lip-Sync in ONE Application

Animation with Metahuman Made Simple

The exquisite detail of MetaHuman has captured the eye of the Media and Entertainment industry. However, how to bring MetaHumans to life without breaking the realism, for example, make them talk, emote, and perform as you wish is an immediate challenge for real, rapid production. iClone MetaHuman Live Link gives all the answers by providing designers with a highly efficient way to animate MetaHumans, face, and body, or even voice lip-sync; all in one application.

Metahuman Expressive Face Performance Tools

One of the magic of iClone MetaHuman Live Link is to provide accurate and smooth Lip-Sync, Face Puppet with intuitive mouse control, powerful and flexible Facial Mocap, as well as the Facekey Editing to fine-tune details.

Learn more about iClone Facial Animation :

Metahuman Full Body Motion Control

  • AAA Mocapped Motions – with thousands of high-quality mocap animantion organized by various application themes
  • Motion Layer Key Editing – powerful motion blending and motion curve control
  • Live Mocap Performance – synchronous full body, multi-actor performance capture through iClone Motion Live

Learn more about iClone MetaHuman Live Link: https://www.reallusion.com/iclone/live-link/unreal-engine/metahuman/default.html

Get the free trial: https://www.reallusion.com/iclone/live-link/unreal-engine/download.html

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