Fully Animatable 3D ActorCore People for ArchViz, Engineering, and Automation

The original article was written by Ronen Bekerman, and featured on Ronen Bekerman Archviz Hub.


The offering of quality 3D people for crowd simulation is somewhat limited in the Architectural Visualization segment, and I can see that we reuse the same assets repeatedly. When it comes to 3D people, you can get away with having the same 3D actor in the scene if only you have more motions to apply. ActorCore comes at the right time to offer high-quality 3D asset libraries for mocap motions and animated 3D people for crowd rendering. I find the introduction of thousands of 3D motion options designed for ARCHVIZ projects most interesting.

Behind the Scenes

Paco Barruguer is a 3D Architectural Visualization artist using Blender as his main application. In the video, you’ll see the entire process starting in ActorCore, setting up character and 3D motion, exporting it, installing the ActorCore add-on for Blender, and getting the data into it for the animation.

With the help from the free Blender Auto Setup Tools, it’s never been easier to auto import ActorCore characters with full material setting, making Blender a powerful tool for ActorCore character blendshape design. Add-on tools also include Blender Auto-Rig Pro preset and RIGIMAP tool, saving time from complicated and routine procedures.

ActorCore + iClone bridges that gap for you, and you don’t need extensive knowledge about character creation or animation. This software makes it very easy to create animations and unique motions.

Paco Barruguer – Freelancer 3D Artist. Archviz. Design

To know more about Paco’s process using ActorCore, iClone and Blender to create an archviz project, read the complete article on Ronen Bekerman architecture visualization hub. or visit the dedicated Guide for using ActoreCore with Blender. Experience the accelerated animation pipeline and get inspiration for ArchViz, game development, film production, and more.

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