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CC-to-MetaHuman Pipeline Available Now


Reallusion is proud to announce that the long-awaited CC-to-MetaHuman pipeline is finally available. Now, you can effortlessly transfer your Character Creator (CC) faces and 4K hi-res textures to MetaHuman Creator, complete with all the texture details of the entire body. Finally say hello to a faithful representation of your unique head model and texture designs along with the original dynamic wrinkles.

With the Auto Setup tool for Unreal Engine, creating personalized MetaHuman characters is a breeze. Simply customize your character’s face with dynamic wrinkles, lifelike attributes such as moles, scars, and makeup, and transform them into a MetaHuman character with just one click. No coding required.

And there is more — The latest version of the iClone MetaHuman Live Link Kit allows for seamless expression control with facial nuances, body movements, and lip-syncing. Even if you’re new to iClone, you can still animate your UE characters with the MetaHuman control rigs. Download these essential tools now and experience the ease and fun of creating true-to-life MetaHumans.

Free Download:

>> Auto Setup for Unreal Engine

>> iClone MetaHuman Live Link Kit

>> Character Creator 4

>> iClone 8

Release note | Fully Controllable MetaHuman Creation | Fast Create and Animate MetaHumans (Portal page)

See the latest update  in CC-to-MetaHuman pipeline:

Customized MetaHumans with True Likeness

▪ Seamless transfer of head shapes, skin textures, and dynamic wrinkles.

CC Customized MetaHuman Faces

▪ Delivering a true-to-life look with one simple click in Character Creator.

Hi-Fi Textures for the Head & Body

▪ Giving MetaHumans a striking resemblance to your original design, including skin effects and dynamic wrinkles.

Full Ownership over Unmatched Likeness

▪ Turning CC avatars into MetaHumans in Unreal while indulging in cross-platform compatibility.

Enriched Animations with iClone & CC

▪ Featuring Data Link for enhanced FPS performance and MetaHumans that can talk, emote, and perform with Live Link.

1. Customized MetaHumans with True Likeness

Create unique digital actors with ease using the Character Creator asset ecosystem. From shaping, skin layer editing, hairstyling, outfiting, to adding accessories, designers can effortlessly bring their vision to life. With CC 4.2, the new CC-to-Metahuman pipeline allows for seamless transfer of head shape, skin textures, and dynamic wrinkles, delivering ultra-realistic results in Unreal engine.

2. Character Creator Customized MetaHuman Faces

Creating your MetaHuman avatars with realistic features has never been easier, thanks to CC’s latest Head Export feature. With just a push of a button, you can effortlessly transfer CC head shapes and 4K head and body textures. Elevate your MetaHumans to a new level of authenticity with CC’s unparalleled true-to-life features.

3. Hi-Fi Textures for the Head & Body

Head & Body Texture

Transferring textures from CC to Unreal allows you to create MetaHumans that have striking resemblance to your original character design. It also supplements skin details to MetaHuman body and hands.

Skin Effects & Dynamic Wrinkles

We provide advanced tools that surpass the basic MetaHuman skin editor, including the powerful SkinGen utility that effectively integrates Realistic Human Skin into the face, such as scars, acne, moles, face paint, and Makeup & SFX. The Dynamic Wrinkle System complements these utilities, making it effortless to create digital actors that are truly lifelike.

4. Full Ownership over Unmatched Likeness

MetaHumans that have evolved from CC avatars are completely compatible with face and body control rigs in Unreal. In addition to enjoying cross-platform compatibility, characters generated in this manner are solely owned by you.

5. Enrich Animations with iClone & Character Creator

Live Link

Having MetaHumans talk, emote, and perform on command remains a roadblock for most animators. Fortunately, iClone MetaHuman Live Link offers a comprehensive solution to animate bodies, faces, and lips within a single application.

>> Learn more

Data Link

iClone motions can be applied to both UE characters and MetaHumans through the standard IK rig-and-retargeting process. The Data Link function eliminates the need for time-consuming FBX export and import, thereby accelerating the process of updating Unreal animations with CC.

>> Learn more

The difference between Cahracter Creator and MetaHuman Creator

Reallusion has expended significant efforts to create the most accurate CC-to-MetaHuman conversion pipeline, aiming to provide the best of both worlds for MetaHuman and Character Creator. Nevertheless, differences may still persist due to variations in structure and the mechanics of animation between the two systems.

  • MetaHumans have limited support for body shapes, resulting in differences in neck thickness, body size, or height when converting CC characters to MetaHumans.

  • Wearing CC Smart Hair on MetaHumans is not possible at this time, as the highest LOD of MetaHumans are limited to Groom Hair.

  • Currently, MetaHumans have their own outfit system and cannot wear conformable CC outfits.

  • The CC head is optimized for real-time performance at 4,000 polygons in an effort to support subdivision levels for the Unreal Engine. The native highest LOD for the MetaHuman head has 80,000 polygons, allowing for improved mesh-level definition in certain facial expressions, particularly around the eyes. This may result in noticeable differences in some cases.

  • After the MetaHuman conversion, facial expressions are controlled by MetaHumans’ facial control curves, potentially resulting in subtle differences in expression nuances.

>> Learn more in-depth details of these two systems.

Website: Fully Controllable MetaHuman Creation | Fast Create and Animate MetaHumans

Forum: CC to MetaHuman Pipeline Discussion

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