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CC-to-ZBrush Posing Pipeline, Available Now!


Strike Unlimited Poses with Pose Tools

Reallusion has partnered with Maxon to develop an innovative approach on character posing that was years in the making. We are now pleased to announce the Character Creator (CC) to ZBrush Posing pipeline as the ultimate fruition of this collaboration.

The ZBrush Posing pipeline greatly streamlines the character posing workflow. Thanks to the auto-rigging tool (CC AccuRIG) that works with ZBrush subtools containing both soft and hard surfaces, you can perform custom pose editing with HumanIK and hand gesture controls in just minutes. All details sculpted in ZBrush are preserved through the intuitive GoZ and subdivision workflow, while the Reallusion motion and mocap ecosystem offers boundless pose possibilities.

The free Pose Tools plugin allows you to build and manage your personal library, refine individual poses, and switch between poses with a single click. Experience the excitement of creating limitless poses with CC at your fingertips — Download the pipeline tools below and unleash a multitude of ZBrush poses with Character Creator today.

Release note | Strike Unlimited Poses | ZBrush Character Pose Management | Free Download

See the feature highlights of the CC-to-ZB Posing pipeline :

  • Auto-rigging for ZBrush Characters that works with individual subtools.Multi-mesh models can be auto-rigged with automatic skin weighting in the seamless CC-ZBrush roundtrip.
  • Limitless pose possibilities from motion clips and mocap sequences.
  • Custom pose editing with HumanIK and hand gesture controls.
  • Hard/soft surface treatment and nuanced accessory management
  • Powerful & Flexible Pose Management. – Free ZBrush plugin for character artists.

1. A Liberating Posing Workflow

The Character Creator (CC) Pose Tools for ZBrush seamlessly integrates with ZBrush layers, facilitating CC’s automated rigging, posing, and real-time updates across all subtools. Alongside pose management, it allows intricate detailing of character designs at high resolutions, letting you refine poses with precision.

2. Auto Rig ZBrush Characters

Rig Multi-mesh Models : Parsing Hard and Soft Surfaces

Rigging ZBrush characters with multiple subtools is no longer a challenge. With AccuRIG, joint positions are accurately placed, and naturalistic skin weights are applied to soft surfaces. Hard surfaces are automatically attached to the nearest bones, ensuring solid integrity. The flexibility to manually fine-tune bone placement, adjust skin weights, and modify bone attachments is readily accessible at all times.

Automatic Skin Weighting and Bone Placement

The animation quality of a rigged character is highly dependent on the proper skin-weight assignments related to its governing bones. AccuRIG mimics the weight-paint patterns of professional riggers for natural articulation of the body joints.

3. Roundtrip Character Design with GoZ

Design Evolution : Iterative Design

With the innovative GoZ roundtrip design, artists can effortlessly refine a character’s body shape while maintaining the integrity of its mesh flow and vertex count. GoZ enables the seamless reapplication of poses, eliminating the need to recreate the character rig. >> Learn more

Adding Accessory

With the ability to add and interchange accessories, a single model can transform into a diverse collection of unique figures. These accessories can be quickly applied to any body part and synchronized with their counterparts using GoZ. The gallery in Character Creator serves as a centralized hub for managing a wide range of accessories across characters, enabling the attachment of weapons to the hands and the strategic placement of armor parts.

Accurate Physics Simulation

Whether elevating the cinematic presence of super heroes with flowing capes or choreographed dancers with gracefully twirling ribbons, physics simulation is imperative in creating a sense of believability. By eliminating the need for sculpting fabric wrinkles and folds, physics can establish natural cloth formations, ready for artistic refinement.

4. Powerful Posing

Motion to Unlimited Poses : Thematic Poses from the Motion Library

Unlock a world of unlimited poses with our thematic motion library where each frame of animation becomes a potential source for unique poses. Character Creator offers an extensive collection of free animations and poses to inspire creative choices. Additionally, ActorCore provides access to thousands of premium mocap animations and meticulously hand-keyed, stylistic motions, all thoughtfully organized into distinct categories.

Human IK & Gesture Controls

Experience the unparalleled ease of creating natural poses with the renowned HumanIK editor, à la Maya and MotionBuilder. Maintain impeccable character balance while adjusting root movement or lean the body when dragging a limb. A comprehensive collection of gesture control gizmos and a gesture library are also provided, saving countless hours of meticulous finger tweaking.

Detail Refinement

Go beyond adjusting silhouettes and dive into the exquisite details of each pose, like sculpting flexed muscle and intricate wrinkles. These changes will be recorded exclusively for the current pose, without spilling into other poses.

5. Powerful Pose Management

Growing Library

Updating subtools while adding or switching layers in ZBrush involves significant work. However, Pose Tools can directly receive poses from Character Creator, efficiently manage the pose library, and automatically update all subtools when transitioning between poses. Finally, say goodbye to the tedious process of manual updates!

Scale Fitting

ZBrush models can be resized to match the scale conventions in Character Creator, a crucial initial step towards achieving accurate auto-rigging and posing compatibility between these two programs.

Overall Subdivision

Freely traverse the subdivision levels of all subtools. Increase or decrease the subdivision levels or apply the highest or lowest subdivision level all at once.

Overall Detailing

Utilize Detail Layers to embellish character design. These overlaid effects can be applied to all poses managed by Pose Tools, providing a versatile and efficient way to enhance the character’s appearance.

>> Learn more : Benefits of CC-to-ZBrush Posing Roundtrip

6. Free ZBrush Plugin for Character Artists

With ZBrush Pose Tools, designers have the freedom to effortlessly manage and refine multiple poses for the same character. Switching between poses is just a click away — the ultimate in convenience and flexibility! >> Free Download

ZBrush Layers to Poses

To make the most of ZBrush Pose Tools, start by importing existing poses from ZBrush layers. There is the option to import all layers or selectively import hidden layers. These converted layers are labeled with “ccPose_” to maintain synchronization between ZBrush layers and the pose library.

One-Click Posing

The process of updating subtools while adding or switching layers in ZBrush can be quite elaborate. On the other hand, Pose Tools offer a seamless solution by effortlessly transferring and managing poses. Moreover, it automatically refreshes subtools when necessary, streamlining the workflow.

Easily Add New Poses

Create new poses with just one click to enable layer recording for all subtools involved. This feature integrates ZBrush mask posing and modifications from the Transpose Master.

Edit & Refine Poses

Enhance each pose by adding muscle and wrinkle details. These changes will be recorded exclusively for the current pose, without spilling into other poses.

>> Learn more : Continuous Workflow with ZBrush Pose Tools plugin

Website: Strike Unlimited Poses | ZBrush Character Pose Management | Free Download

Forum: CC-to-ZBrush Posing Pipeline Discussion

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