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Hello, my name is Cameron Hines, I’m from Atlanta Georgia and I love to create animations, whether it’s 2D or 3D. I went to school as a web designer, but deep down I knew animation was my passion. I wanted to switch degrees but halfway through my web design degree I couldn’t afford to. So, I told myself I would learn animation on my own.

At the time, iClone 5 just came and it was affordable enough for me to start creating decent 3D animation. Growing up I loved cartoons and video games, so I always wondered how artist would create them. Now with iClone 7 and CrazyTalk Animator 3, and Cloud Animator (CLA), I feel like animators can now create amazing art, on a tight budget. My goal is to be part of the many artists at Reallusion Marketplace , who’ve made a successful career in animation.


Q: Hi Cameron, can you tell us about your background and your work? When and why did you start working on animation?

A: I’ve always loved animation. But before I “thought” I wanted to direct music videos but I had no camera equipment or didn’t know anything about shooting a music video.

One day on YouTube I saw a fan-made animated version of a music video using The Sims game engine. I first thought that it was the greatest thing I had ever seen. More importantly, I asked myself; “How can I do something like that?” However, I wanted to create something more realistic then a fan-made Sims video. So I did some research on what 3D animation software I could use that wasn’t super expensive, and that lead me to iClone 5, which at the time I thought was a game changer for me.

Here are links to some of my first iClone 5 animations:

— This was a video I created to congratulate my cousin for his graduation. 

Looking back I thought my first iClone animations were the best thing I’ve ever created. Now, I had so much more to learn and to improve that even though the quality of iClone 5 doesn’t compare to iClone 7.

My best accomplishment with iClone 5 was creating a music video. That led me to work with my favorite artist Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover. I created a music video to one of his songs. He saw it and asked me to create a video for his Deep Web Tour Vlog. I’m not going to lie, I felt it wasn’t my best work. But it was good enough for him to use for his project. So that was a BIG deal to me.

— This is the music Video I did with my friend

Q: Please tell us how you started with Reallusion. What Reallusion products you use? What do you want to achieve with this/these product(s)?

A: I have almost every Reallusion product, iClone 7 (waiting on the new upgrade), Character Creator, CrazyTalk Animator 3, and now Cloud Animator! I want to use every Reallusion product I can, in order to build my animation business along with third party solutions like Perception Neuron and Faceware Realtime for iClone.

Recently, I just got into audio books. So, I’m creating a 3D show called Audible Animated. It’s like Reading Rainbow but in 3D. Two authors I like that will be in the first season is Gary Vaynerchuk “#AskGaryVee One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness”, and Charlamagne Tha God “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”. Right now, I have over 19 random authors from actors, politicians, to motivators.

Here are images of the authors, I created using CrazyTalk 8 and Character Creator.

Gary Vaynerchuk aka “Airport Gary”


Charlamagne Tha God


I’m also in the process of creating mobile games, but for now I’m creating basic games. However, I created avatars in Character Creator of the following people, for my games. Gary Vaynerchuk, Lebron James and The Rock (work in progress).

Lebron James


The Rock


Q: Reallusion noticed that you created a promotion animation with Cloud Animator for Comic-Con Atlanta. Can you share your opinions about Cloud Animator? Any samples of your work ?

A: Here is my promotion animation for Comic-Con Atlanta using Cloud Animator:


Yes, I’ve created an interactive promo for the upcoming Comic-Con event in Atlanta. But honestly when I first saw Cloud Animator when it came out, I was reluctant to use it. It was difficult trying to find an audience to market Cloud Animator to work for. But  then after learning all I could do with it, I realized what I could create with the software to earn some money. I thank Reallusion for reaching out to help me find clients.

Here are some Open House projects I pitched to schools and church groups:




Q: Reallusion recently invited you to be a webinar host to talk about Cloud Animator. What was this experience like?

A: First, I want to say that I was honored that Reallusion took a chance on me to do this.

I started using iClone 5 back in 2014, and I always watched YouTube tutorials of other Reallusion Artist, like Warlord or Garry Pye, and others. As well as all of the Kai DeNeve webinars. So I learned pretty well from them because Reallusion asked me to do another webinar on CLA!

Really, I can’t wait for it as it’s going to be even better. I totally love the Q&A session, as it was fun tag teaming questions with Kai and interacting with the audience. This webinar experience has helped me in so many ways. One way is with Toastmasters, which is an international speaking club. My club is in Tucker, Georgia near Atlanta. And Toastmasters has helped me prepare for public speeches and now webinars. Hopefully I can do more webinars to help and share what I know with other people.

This is my Cloud Animator webinar video:

Q: Thank you so much for sharing all of this. In the near future, what else can the community expect to see from you?

A: Well, I can see that the world is adding more animations to real life with AR and VR and Apple’s bitmoji. By the way I love the new LIVE FACE App for CrazyTalk Animator 3 with an iPhone X, unfortunately I have a Samsung. So, I’m waiting on Reallusion to allow android phones to create facial mocap with CTA3.

I’m also planning on creating a 3D Facebook show, where I interview 2D and 3D artists, using their animated characters. So it’s basically like a Jimmy Kimmel type show, just with animations.

Additionally, I have mobile games that I’m working on and with the growth of E-sports my ultimate goal is to create the first E-sports Video Game Gym in Atlanta. Picture a regular gym, but replace the gym equipment with gaming consoles, and mobile devices like the Nintendo Switch, and Gameboy. As well as VR rooms and a couple of 4D/5D Cinema Simulators. I believe Reallusion can help with that. And I want to be included with the many successful Reallusion artists who have already made a name for themselves using these amazing Reallusion products.


BlueLogoS1000x1000 Animator is super media tool that helps you integrate videos, images, animations, audio, music and text into one animated project. Inside, users can directly turn their text into speech, to combine with animated effects to transform static objects into an eye-catching demo that you can share on any device, allowing audiences to communicate with you directly.


To see more of Cameron’s work, please visit >>>


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