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Character Creator 3 releases with ZBrush, Daz3D, Iray and InstaLOD workflow


A Universal 3D Character Creation Platform for Animation, Game, AR and VR


Reallusion delivers Character Creator 3 Pipeline (CC3) and Iray Render Plug-in. A breakthrough in universal character creation, connecting industry-standard character solutions into one system for 3D character generation, rendering and gamification.

CC3 is a dynamic character creation system with a process to choose a highly-morphable base, morph and shape face and body, mix morphs, choose clothing, accessories and rapidly design stylized or realistic 3D characters, already set up for face and body animation.

The latest features added to Character Creator 3 include a quad-based mesh, ZBrush compatibility with GoZ, subdivision and gamification with InstaLOD, along with Iray rendering. CC3 also connects industry-leading sources for 3D character content from external 3D libraries thanks to the Transformer feature, a tool to automatically convert Daz Genesis, Poser M4 / V4, and HiveWire assets from vast content libraries, into animation-ready characters for use in iClone or other 3D applications.  

Iray renders in Character Creator 3 by Kevin Seidle

Interactive Iray Rendering


State-of-the-art rendering comes to CC3 with the Iray Render Plug-in. Achieve a photo-realistic, cinematic look-and-feel with Iray, by using common film-look presets and custom controls. Produce impressive visuals with an interactive renderer that allows users to move lights, cameras and more, in real-time during progressive rendering.

Iray renders in Character Creator by Kmitchell.12catblackstudios


The Universal 3D Character Platform


Generate Characters

Character Creator 3 eliminates the vexing process of modeling caricatures from scratch, and streamlines the process by merging existing morphs while keeping the flexibility to refine them in external 3D sculpting tools.  Easily combine multiple, unique and iconic body shapes from a morph library to create a family of specialized characters while tweaking and fine-tuning contours directly within Character Creator without any modeling.


“Character Creator 3 is a great tool for creating our characters and making them efficient in our game”
– Pamela Marshall / Lead Artist of Five Ginger Studios



Assemble the best 3D content with Character Creator 3

Total integration of Daz Genesis, Poser M4, V4 and HiveWire



Import Daz, Poser, HiveWire character assets

The new Character Creator 3 Transformer tool converts Daz Genesis and M4, V4 FBX content to the CC3 character system. Enable Daz characters, morphs, hair, clothing, accessories and props into animation-ready assets.

Character Creator 3 is a creative extension to the capability of Daz 3D content.

Owners of these libraries can extend their use into the Reallusion character creation and animation system. Daz users can view realistic characters in real-time PBR shader, and optimize their original high polygon assets for live performance or game engines. Transforming the character, clothing, and assets is a one-step process with FBX.



HiveWire 3D base content for Character Creator 3.

Fully-rigged for full-body and facial animation, HiveWire’s Dusk, Dawn, Luna and Gorilla represent the elite transforming capability of content designed for Daz Studio inside Character Creator 3.


HiveWire character bases included with Character Creator 3 are highly skin detailed, professional characters and have further content available in starter packs that feature hair, makeup, clothing, poses, and morphs.


“On the Reallusion Content Store, we have made available our Starter Packs for each HiveWire base figure as “Elite League Collections”. Each of these collections offers a wide variety of add-on products in the form of morphs, expressions, and poses; also, with the human figures we offer added clothing and even morphable hairstyles. Each helps to round out and add enhanced variety to the HiveWire figures.” – Chris Creek, HiveWire


Import OBJ assets for auto rigging as clothing

Use OBJ models from external clothing assets to import and transfer the skin-weights from CC3 clothing templates. Refine surfaces of clothing after using the Edit mesh, and the push-and-pull brush tools.


Skin-weight editing

Refine the auto-skinned cloth with a spectrum of weight editing tools that support vertex weight assignment and weight painting. Flexible smooth brush, brush projection modes, and mirror editing brush options.


Sculpt to Animation Workflow for ZBrush

Bridge Character Creator 3 to ZBrush with GoZ, round-trip system


ZBrush integration with CC3 is designed to provide artists with a sculptable base for ZBrush that has quad geometry and round-trip editing from Character Creator 3 to ZBrush via GoZ. It can also effectively turn sculpted ZBrush characters into fully animatable characters for game design and iClone animation.


CC3 bridges the ZBrush production pipeline and makes subdivision rendering possible. With auto-skin and skin weight tools, asset developers can freely adjust body scale or turn OBJs into clothes without the assistance of 3rd party software. The inclusion of pose and expression tools along with atmospheric environment libraries and the photorealism of Iray, makes CC3 perfect for rendering ZBrush creations.

Optimize 3D Characters for Unity and Unreal Games

New Game Base Character for Unity and Unreal Game Developers


CC3 completes the 3D game character pipeline for game developers. Access a highly optimized game character base for mobile, AR and VR developers then integrate InstaLOD’s model and material optimization technologies to generate game-ready characters that are animatable on-the-fly with multiple LOD outputs.  


CC3 is introducing a new Game Character Base with its topology optimized for Mobile, Game, AR/VR developers. The 10K polygon base also answers the call for displaying massive amount of NPCs or Citizens with true-to-life body and facial animation without serious performance drop in real-time render.


Optimized Character for Game/AR/VR/Mobile

  • Game Base Characters can be derived from any Standard CC Character.
  • Retain visual quality after mesh simplification.
  • Compatible with CC Morphs, Skin Presets, and Outfit System.
  • 21

Simplified Bone Structure for Facial and Body Animation

  • CC bones optimized identically for game engine compatibility.
  • Fully-rigged 10K polygon characters with detailed facial and body performance.
  • Compatible with iClone character animation tools and mocap system.
  • Access to full set of Facial Morphs for lip sync and emotional expression.



InstaLOD inside Character Creator 3 fulfills the complete game character pipeline on polygon reduction, material merge, texture baking, remeshing and LOD generation.  These necessary elements of game design are able to be completed for every character in one seamless process. After designing with character morphs, clothing, accessories and materials the InstaLOD embedded features finalize the gamification for each character and produce up to 5 levels of detail to load into Unity or Unreal game engines.


Polygon Reduction

    • The integration of InstaLOD’s polygon optimizer enables users to make high polygon content real-time ready with predefined presets.
    • Reduction targets are wearable items, single mesh, or accessory sub-elements.25

Merge Materials (UVs)

  • Significantly reduce draw calls for optimal game performance.
  • Options to group selected materials to target UV maps
    • Merge All Materials into One Map
    • Merge by Type – Outfit, Accessory, Body
    • Merge by Item – Individual Wearables, Body
    • Bake up to 4K merged texture size



    • Combine separate character meshes into one.
    • Generate character models in multiple LOD.
    • Custom define output criteria for each mesh level.
    • LOD distance with progressive visual quality while switching character models in different viewing distance.


Character Creator 3 Content Packs for Posing and Rendering

Pose characters directly in Character Creator 3 or utilize one of the pose options to setup characters for rendering in CC3 with Iray. The Pose & Expression – Supermodels pack includes 49 alluring female poses in three postures: Stand, Sit and Ground; 34 stunning male poses in three postures: Stand, Sit and Move; 40 female expression in 4 moods: Attitude, Attractive, Cute and Melancholy; 28 male expressions in 3 moods: Attitude, Mesmerizing, and Sunshine.


Simulate Real Light Settings for Studios and Outdoor

The Light Studio is a complete pack for creating photo-realistic lighting effects such as; studio, cinematic, light patterns, sun & sky, and meticulous eye reflections. In addition, there are various lighting components that most professional lighting masters use like; softbox, reflector, backplane, special light, image plane, floor and wall props.  Pack includes: 44 Lightrooms, 44 Atmospheres, 40 IBLs, 30 Bonus (HDRi – Lightroom x 10, Atmosphere x 10, IBL x 10), 38 Props


Iray Material Library with over 600 materials

The Iray Material 600+ is a free material expansion pack designed for Reallusion’s Iray plug-in. We have prepared over 600 of the best real-world materials, to give you an intuitive and reliable way to add realistic materials to your design. Materials are arranged in 17 x galley folders for easy browsing by searching terms like glass, leather, gems, rubber, liquid, and others.




More on Character Creator 3 features:


Pricing and Availability:   

Character Creator 3 Pipeline is available directly from Reallusion or authorized Resellers. It is available for Windows operating systems only. For more information about price and system requirements, please visit



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