Reallusion Cartoon Animator Innovates 2D Characters

360 Head Creator Turns 2D Art to 3D Animation

Reallusion reveals 360 Head Creator, a new character design feature for 2D animation software Cartoon Animator 4. Cartoon Animator (formerly CrazyTalk Animator) is known for its quick results combined with pro features for the easiest approach and workflow since 2008.  Cartoon Animator 4 will release in April 2019 with Smart IK, 3D Head Creator and Live performance capture (webcam facial mocap), all new tools to elevate 2D animation production.

Cartoon Animator 4 breaks through the limitations of 2D Art, and delivers a practical way for 2D animators to create characters with advanced animation along with vivid expressions. The 360 evolution streamlines the workflow for Head Creation, Expression Setup, and directly to the animation core with face key editing, puppeteering, and the timeline system.

360 Head Creator Work In Progress Video-

Quickly Transform a 2D Face into a 3D Head

3D Head Creator transforms 2D art into 3D styled characters with up to 360 degree of motion for deeply rich performances. Photoshop round trip integration for editing multi-angle character in and out of 3D Head Creator.

Full Featured 360 Head Creator

  • Anchor nine head turn directions
  • Smart designs to speedup multi-angle settings
  • Add additional decorative items
  • Free angle definition- up to 360°

Photoshop 360 Creation Pipeline

This feature is a complete PSD to CTA round-trip workflow for 360 Head Creation.Users can design 360 heads with photoshop layers. The 360 Head Creator can generate and send angle definitions back to Photoshop, new PSD layers are generated for 360 angle adjustments.

360 Performance Systems

  • 3D expression setup
  • New generation of 360 creative assets
  • 360 animation controls and timeline editing

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One can now get Cartoon Animator 4 Pro or Pipeline for free by purchasing the CTA3 Pro or Pipeline Bundles in Reallusion Software Store, for more information about price and system requirements, please visit:


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