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Reallusion Unveils New Digital Human Solution for Unreal Engine Games & Virtual Production


Reallusion has announced Unreal integration for Reallusion Game Tools, a plug-in for Unreal Engine for digital human design. With this free tool, Unreal developers and producers have a solution for creating, customizing, animating, optimizing and importing characters from Character Creator 3, iClone 7 and Motion LIVE, establishing a seamless ecosystem for character creation and animation for the Unreal engine.

“This is an exciting milestone for us,” said John Martin, VP, Product Marketing, Reallusion. “Reallusion Game Tools is a total and fully integrated solution. Thanks to Unreal’s support, UE4 developers can seamlessly use the dedicated Unreal game character creation tools in Character Creator, animate with iClone, and even connect the iPhone X and mocap gear to Unreal via iClone Motion Live and the Unreal Live Link. The result is a real-time character creation and animation workflow directly to Unreal. Developers can also import game characters with automated shader assignment and animation setup directly for Unreal so that characters import ready to play, act and animate.”

Digital Human Character Tools for Unreal Engine-

  • Intuitively customize – AAA-quality characters with speed
  • Quickly optimize – characters with mesh optimization technology
  • Absolutely animate – create & capture face/body motions
  • Perfectly convert- characters import directly to game engines

Auto Character Setup for Live Performance with RTX Realtime Raytracing

The visual leap advanced by RTX realtime raytracing in Unreal is also leveraged by Reallusion through the use of the ‘iClone for Live Link’ plug-in coming in June 2019.

Reallusion Game Tools offer a complete solution to create and deploy characters and animation with a suite of features to assist in motion capture, motion blending, curve editing, facial puppet, and audio lip sync. iClone offers developers an established, and extensive marketplace with thousands of high quality mocap data files across a spectrum of motion themes.  Beyond creating characters for Unreal, Reallusion Game Tools now prepare characters for the best in-engine visuals with autoshader assignment and animation setup.

Unreal iClone Live Link – Characters Ready for Live Animation

See the evolution of Epic Games’s – “Meet Mike” demo with Mike Seymour, featuring the digital human shader assignment for ultra-realistic hair, skin and teeth.

Instead of sending character motions to Unreal via FBX, now users can directly stream facial and body animation directly from iClone. Reallusion’s realtime virtual production empowers users to easily create animation from previz, game development, to cinematic filmmaking.

The iClone Motion Live plugin aggregates the industry’s best mocap hardware with profiles to animate CC3 characters with Xsens, Noitom, Faceware, iPhone, Rokoko, Optitrack, Leap Motion, Qualisys and more. The iClone Motion Live system connects to Unreal Live Link for real-time production, or records motion and sends it along with characters to Unreal Engine via FBX. Take the guesswork out of animation and motion capture with the dedicated Reallusion character and motion system.

  • Stream motions directly from iClone to Unreal and skip FBX motion file export and import.
  • Supports both skeletal data and facial blendshapes
  • Supports RTX Raytracking for real-time production level rendering.
  • Supports Sequence Recording for Unreal non-linear film production and game animation.

Automatic Digital Human Shader Assignments and Characterization for Unreal UE4

Reallusion offers the most compatible and speed-to-game characters with automatic digital human shader assignments and characterization for Unreal UE4.  Once characters and animation are complete, task still remain for game developers as they will need to potentially spend hours setting up their character shader and animations.  Reallusion alleviates this time-consuming problem by automating the shader assignment and animation setup so your characters import ready to play.

Total character creation and animation workflow from design, or import, to animation. A dedicated Unreal character solution that works with the industry standard content tools.

Import Characters with Automatic Skeletal Mapping

Sending custom FBX characters to Unreal sounds like a common feature, but most designers still require great efforts to make the bone structure compatible with UE4 so that their characters can be fully controlled by game engines. Typically in games, even one fully dressed character may have numerous materials with each needing to be assigned with an appropriate shader in order to show the best visual result.  This process is quickened with automations for character setup from Character Creator 3.

Advanced Digital Human Assignment and Shader Options

Reallusion Character Creator has made game-engine character setup a simple drag-and-drop process. Users simply choose the character type and Reallusion automatically converts CC characters into the Unreal UE4 skeletal standard. The supported auto shader types for Unreal are standard and advanced digital human shader.

Unreal Engine developers creating with Reallusion Tools

“Cine Tracer is a real time cinematography simulator created in Unreal Engine 4 and I use Character Creator 3 Pipeline to create realistic digital humans. The workflow between CC3 and UE4 is seamless and getting better with every update.”

Matt Workman / Cinematographer – App Developer

“We’re a small game studio making a big, ambitious game called – The Forgotten City. Reallusion’s Character Creator 3 and iClone 7 have allowed us to punch well above our weight and make a great looking game, with high-quality character models, and motion capture animations, on an indie budget. One of the coolest things about Character Creator 3 is the in-built tools for optimization; as we can effortlessly improve the performance of our game by reducing character polygons, creating LODs, and merging materials, so our game runs smoothly while still looking great.”
– Nick Pearce / Managing Director-Founder, Modern Storyteller

What do I need for Reallusion Game tools?

  • Game Tools: Auto Setup Script for Unreal Engine
  • Character Creator 3
  • iClone 7
  • iClone Motion Live
  • Essential Content Library

Reallusion Game Tools: Unreal Auto Setup Plug-in

Get the Unreal Plugin to convert CC characters for Unreal Engine 4 with shader options designed for Photorealistic Characters (LW) and Advanced Digital Humans (HQ).

Learn more on Reallusion 3D Game Pipeline —

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