CGSociety: Reallusion Tools Power REPLICAS Movie

We are thrilled to share that featured Reallusion Innovative Techniques in Keanu Reeves’ latest sci-fi thriller REPLICAS.  

CGSociety interviewed REPLICAS executive producer James Dodson and VFX artist James Martin, with a behind-the-scenes of the REPLICAS’s Film production. Read how Reallusion‘s ecosystem of tools drove the innovative previz, motion capture and postvis techniques at the heart of the REPLICAS movie.

REPLICAS casts Keanu Reeves as Will Foster, a scientist who takes extreme measures to bring the family unit back together when his wife and children are killed in a freak car accident.

During a pivotal crash sequence, the movie sports scenes in which Foster utilises an augmented reality device to implant human consciousness into artificial brains, plus a star turn from a volatile humanoid robot by the name of 345. All three key sequences were brought to the screen by director Jeffrey Nachmanoff with the help of Reallusion’s iClone and Character Creator tools.

“iClone ended up giving us a workflow that we just hadn’t expected at all. For the needs that arose as we developed REPLICAS, it proved to be the perfect solution.” – James Dodson / Executive producer, REPLICAS

“By and large, directors just expect you to give them previz that provides general shot composition and key beats, but we were able to go into fine detail with iClone.” – James Martin, VFX artist

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