iClone 3D Film Director creates Animated Featured Movies for Amazon Prime Video

Award-winning animator Damien Valentine (DarthAngelus) uses Reallusion’s iClone, and Noitom’s Perception Neuron suits to create motion captured animated films – The Chronicles of Humanity – which he publishes on Amazon Prime Video.

Damien Valentine

“Thanks to iClone and Character Creator, I was able to make Chronicles of Humanity look like a professional, big budget production from the comfort of my home. I can recommend the software to any Indie animators looking to achieve the same with their projects.”  

– Damien Valentine / 3D Film Director


Damien Valentine is from England and has been tinkering with video game modding and machinima since the early 1990s. Through his production company, Bathtub Productions, Damien has produced dozens of projects, including the vampire series Consanguinity and the well-known Star Wars trilogy The Darkness Saga.

At Celebration IV in 2007, Damien’s short machinima film The Death of Jar Jar was a finalist in the Fan Film contest and received laud from George Lucas and thousands of fans. In 2008 he began working on an ambitious original series called The Chronicles of Humanity.

Chronicles of Humanity: Redemption was originally created using iClone 6 but with the release of iClone 7, I was able to load up those old project files and update each scene to take advantage of the new PBR, IBL and GI capabilities of the software.

Extensive use of the Character Creator also gave me much more detailed character models to work with and PopcornFX was extremely helpful with scenes like the hangar shootout.

When you see dust and debris flying around as lasers hit their targets, it really adds a lot to the scene. – Damien Valentine

Read more about Damien’s other feature stories on Reallusion. https://magazine.reallusion.com/2017/11/16/star-wars-machinima-fan-wins-awards-recognitions-with-iclone-films/

CoH: Redemption official site: http://chroniclesofhumanity.com/

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