80 Level: The Modern Previsualization Solution for Film

Thanks to 80 Level’s Editor in ChiefKirill Tokarev for interviewing Reallusion’s Product Marketing VP – John Martin, and talking about iClone and Character Creator 3 tools that were used in the movie REPLICAS.

“Replicas is a new milestone for us and for anyone who has been watching the trend of game tools being adapted by filmmakers. 

iClone operates at almost zero latency, [allowing] directors, cinematographers and VFX folks to try out numerous lighting and staging options without slowing down production or driving up the cost. The secret is a real-time engine, combined with an easy-to-use facial morphing and lip-syncing solution that interfaces with most motion capture systems.”

— John Martin / VFX Artist (Replicas) & VP of Product Marketing at Reallusion

Actor Keanu Reeves with iClone Motion LIVE –
© Entertainment Studios

“Our 3D character pipeline allows developers to import or create characters, do some quick mocap and animation, then export to Unity, Unreal, or a custom environment. The key is that we are able to integrate data from multiple mocap sources into a single workflow. For indie developers who have been burning studio hours trying to do motion capture, this has been a godsend.”

— John Martin / VFX Artist (Replicas) & VP of Product Marketing at Reallusion

Read the full article on 80 level: https://80.lv/articles/the-modern-previsualization-solution-for-film/

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