Reallusion Reveals New SkinGen for Character Creator

Reallusion follows up the success of Headshot, the game changer for rapid digital double character creation AI, with a look at the forthcoming release of SkinGen. The Digital Human workflow evolves in this sneak peek of SkinGen, a new plugin for Character Creator and the next component of the Reallusion digital human creation system.

The SkinGen Dynamic Skin Effects Layer Stack and effects library adds more skin realism and detail customization. Rapidly build complex multi-layer skin with ultrafine definition.

  • Dynamic Skin Effects Layer Stack – sliders to adjust effect layers, blend modes, and ability to reorder layers in the stack
  • Industry-Leading Skin Textures – supports Substance Engine and features content from
  • Skin Effects for Age, Gender and Ethnicity
  • Comprehensive Face and Body Customization – complete appearance design for the entire character including skin, hair, eyelashes, fingers, nails, even makeup.
  • Real-time Editing for Each Body Material – Efficiently edit with 1K-2K textures for optimal performance and switch to 4K textures for final renders.

Other than direct compatibility with iClone, the SkinGen textures, shaders and parameters will be transferred to Unreal Engine with the Character Creator Auto Setup plugin when the SkinGen launches.

The SkinGen is both a feature extension and plug-in for Character Creator 3.3. To display the capability of SkinGen, the First Look video uses both embedded content and paid assets.  Full feature details will be revealed along with the official product launch in July 2020.

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