New 2D Mocap System Elevates 2D Animation

Reallusion Releases 2D Motion LIVE for Cartoon Animator  

Reallusion announces the release of Cartoon Animator 4.2 and 2D Motion LIVE, the first complete 2D animation system for live performance and motion capture.  2D Motion Live, a new plugin for Cartoon Animator is a unique 2D mocap solution that connects industry-leading motion capture devices to control characters and puppets inside Cartoon Animator for a total face, body and hand solution.  2D Motion Live brings characters to the stage as live performances with a fast production workflow for character setup, motion capture and editing. 

2D Motion LIVE official trailer:

Traditional keyframe animation is revolutionized with efficiency and speed through Cartoon Animator 2D Motion LIVE, a complete 2D character animation pipeline from creating custom rigged-characters, bringing characters to life with mocap devices, and animation with timeline editing.

The  2D Motion LIVE synchronous data streaming design freely allows users to combine different mocap devices to suit upper-body to full-body mocap scenarios.  Select the iPhone or Webcam for 3D-like facial performance. Use Leap Motion Controller for finger and arm movement or suit up with Perception Neuron mocap devices to enable full-body motion capture, puppeteering and live actor performance.  

Add real-time productivity to the 2D animation process with quick iteration and collaboration through the 2D Motion LIVE animation workflow.  Get feedback fast and deliver animations faster with real-time character motion capture.

“Motion capture for 2D character animation is a true breakthrough.  Now creating full-body 2D mocap or even unique hand puppets is a workflow revolution for 2D animation work. Reallusion is democratizing the 2D animation world with software that is affordable enough for any creator or studio to innovate their workflow.“

Marissa Ginger Tontaveetong, Executive director, Asifa-South

“Cartoon Animator 4 is a game-changer for any content creator looking to simplify their animation workflow. It’s absolutely incredible! Using our Perception Neuron mocap suits to capture body movements, even complex 2D characters can be manipulated in real-time with ease. And with Perception Neuron’s point-to-point remote broadcasting tool, it can be done from home, or to and from anywhere remotely. This almost makes creating 2D animated cartoons like child’s play!”

Roch Nakajima, President of Noitom International

  • The application breakthroughs for animators
    • Fast Production
    • LIVE Animation
    • Interactive Events
  • Powerful features   
    • Perform to animate
    • Synchronous multi-device motion capture
    • iPhone and webcam face tracking 
    • Runtime posture adjustment and correction
    • Foot Stabilization and Floor Contact 
    • Finger tracking and Whole Arm IK
    • Multi-pass recording 

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About Cartoon Animator 

Cartoon Animator 4 is a 2D animation software designed for both ability of entry and productivity. Users can turn illustrations and artwork into animated characters, control characters with motion capture for facial expressions, generate lip-sync animation from audio, accomplish 3D parallax scenes, produce 2D visual effects, access content resources, and wield a comprehensive animation pipeline to rapidly customize characters and create content.

About Reallusion

Reallusion Inc., a 2D and 3D character generation and animation tools company that specializes in real time cinematic animation, virtual production, and motion capture tools.  Reallusion is a platform to connect professional animation technologies, industry partners, and content developers for character creation,  motion capture and digital human solutions that balance quick production with quality results.

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