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Reallusion Releases Character Creator 3.3 and SkinGen


The New Industry Standard in Digital Human Design

Reallusion is devoted to the digital human design pipeline and now adds another link in the chain of tools to design the ultimate digital human.  Character Creator 3.3 features new realism tools that work with the already released Digital Human Shader and the Headshot plugin for rapid digital double creation for a total solution.  Accompanying the release of Character Creator 3.3, the digital human workflow evolves with SkinGen – an intuitive, dynamic skin layer system, and CC 3 Base+, a greatly enhanced character topology for overall visual upgrades.

The 4K high-res images generated by SkinGen

“SkinGen is a major breakthrough in the digital human workflow that introduces an ultra-realistic dynamic material system dedicated to human skin synthesis. “ said John Martin, VP, Product Marketing, Reallusion. “The tools inside SkinGen are also empowered by the combination of industry leading partners like Texturing XYZ and Substance.  SkinGen makes it possible for anyone to create a character with custom looks for age or appearance, and ultra-fine details down to the pores.

“Texturing.XYZ and Character Creator 3 is a dynamic combination for creating real-time digital humans. The partnership with Reallusion and Texturing.XYZ enables a pipeline to rapidly design detailed characters ready for animation.”  – Jeremy Celeste, CEO, Texturing.XYZ

Character Creator 3.3 official trailer:

New CC3+ Character Base

Designing the best real-time Digital Human character is one of the core values of Character Creator 3. CC3 Base+ improves character mesh, UV, and skeletal rig; fulfilling the requirements of detailed sculpting and realistic animation.

  • Topology & Mesh Enhancement: evenly-distributed quad surface and perfect edge-loops for smooth facial expressions and body animations.
  • UV Optimization: Head UV includes neck area. High details for hand, nose, lips, and UDIM layout optimized for ZBrush, Substance Painter pipeline.
  • Upgraded Skinning & Rigging: Supports both A-pose & T-pose, enhances skin-weights.

SkinGen – Intuitive Skin and Makeup Design

Basic SkinGen features are included as a free update in CC 3.3. Along with embedded sample Skins and Makeup assets, all users are able to enjoy the layer stack and rich slider adjustments. The new character base (CC3 Base+) is required to present the quality for SkinGen. All existing characters can be easily converted into CC3 Base+, and a Batch Converter is also provided in the CC3.3 release.

Free SkinGen features includes:

  • Content Manager
    Browse and manage skin and makeup content, drag-and-drop assets to the SkinGen layer editor for compositing effects.
  • Layer Editing
    Show/hide, opacity level, layer order, merge, flatten, and blend modes (normal, multiply, overlay, soft-light)
  • Dynamic Material Editing
    Adjustable skin effects on each layer, change material attributes for color, transformation, tiling and distribution, etc.
  • Up to 4K real-time editing for each body material

What’s Included in the Digital Human Design Solution

Structural Skin and Makeup Assets

Following the natural layered skin dynamics, the Realistic Human Skin library starts from the muscle layer, and then Skin Details, Blemish on-top, and Acquired Elements like tattoos, finally determine Body Hair on the outermost surface. The simplified layer structure corresponds to real skin and properties to achieve a targeted result.

Realistic Human Skin – Detail Every Aspect of Digital Human

Realistic Human Skin is made of 270 dynamic materialsforskin, hair, nail, tattoo, and blemishes; all magically blended with authentic 3D scan-based elements. Create a wide array of skin ages and appearance options with unmatched flexibility and production quality. 

Makeup and SFX  – From Daily Look to Hollywood SFX

The Makeup and SFX is a complete layer based editing environment to build custom makeup looks and Special FX. 280 makeup varieties go from the everyday casual looks to glamorous styles, and on to creative looks like reptile scales, sci-fi cyberpunk, tattoos, or battle-scarred fighter and beyond.

SkinGen Premium plug-in

The SkinGen Premium plugin unlocks texture import capability, and extends the 15 layer editing limit. The 21 dynamic material tools provide full control over every skin & makeup detail for customized skin effects, and the UV Converter helps you directly bring in DAZ textures for Character Creator 3 characters.

Ultimate Morphs – Authentic Human Morphs CC3 Base+

With more than480 morphs from head to toe designed for the superior new CC3+ topology, Ultimate Morphs adds another 12 authentic human shapes delivering a balanced mixture of body scale, age, gender and ethnicities.

The Best Package Under $500 for Users to Get Started 

Special entry offer valid until August 31, 2020

The Ultimate Digital Human Creation Bundle gives you an all-in-one solution to create stunningly hyper realistic characters in no time. With brand new CC3+ Characters, Morphs, SkinGen Skin & Makeup assets, along with the full-featured SkinGen Premium plugins, you can easily level-up your studio projects to rival AAA visuals.

Exclusive bonus for this bundle: Human Anatomy Set

12 ultra-value and highly-detailed avatars are introduced to present the visual standard of CC3+ characters. The perfect starting point to any animated character project.

Price Information:

New to Character Creator:
For Character Creator users – Ultimate Digital Human 4-in-1 Bundle
Learn more about Character Creator 3.3 :
Learn more about SkinGen:

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