Photogrammetry Animation Studio Augments Pipeline with iClone, Character Creator SkinGen & Unreal Engine

Sébastien Resier – CEO at Arduinna Silva Studio

Sébastien Resier

Sebastian has worked in different industries; Aero Space, Insurance, Metallurgy, and as an IT professional. Two years ago, with one of his best friends, they decided to quit their respective jobs and create Arduinna Silva Studio.

Arduinna Silva Studio is a team of passionate, professional artists who are constantly on the look for improvement and perfection in what they do. They strive to provide the highest quality assets, textures and materials, and only work with real-time engines. For two years they have had the opportunity to collaborate with many architects, world’s leading studios and companies with big names in the world of video games such as Epic Games.

Recently they have embarked on adopting the iClone Ecosystem with iClone Animation, Character Creator 3 and the Unreal Engine pipeline, which has allowed them to breakdown previous barriers in development, cost constraints, deadlines and more.

” I looked at iClone since version six was released, it is definitely heading in the right direction. It is surely becoming an essential tool in the real-time software toolkit. “

Sébastien Resier – CEO at Arduinna Silva Studio

Q: Hello Sebastian. Welcome to our Reallusion Feature Stories. Please tell us a bit about your work with Arduinna Silva Studio.

Initially the company was created to work on video games. Knowing that it takes time and money to develop games, we used our past experience in the industry to develop services such as Collaborative VR Training, 3D prototyping, product configurators…

In the meantime we made a lot of research to increase the quality of our 3D scans.

Finally we added publicity and short animated movies to the list.

Q: Arduinna Silva Studio specializes in real-time projects for Entertainment, Architecture, Game Development and more. Why have you chosen to work with real-time software applications in your workflow?

We started the company knowing we only wanted to use real-time software’s, we choose Unreal Engine as it allowed us to customize and modify it the way we wanted for our projects.

Q: You recently created a short film as a proof of concept for achieving realistic results while not spending time on modelling, rigging and character setup. What is the workflow that you used in this project? And how much time did you save compared to traditional pipelines?

The workflow is very simple, characters were made with Character Creator, animated using Xsens motion capture, modified in iClone using the Unreal Live Link plugin to check the final result in Unreal at the same time. Its all very simple and very fast.

Q: In your project you started your avatar from scratch by using Character Creator with the SkinGen plugin. In your opinion, what are the benefits / advantages of using CC3?

Character Creator 3 allows us to get a quality base for character creation without the hassle and time delay of having to scan, sculpt, rig and create materials from scratch. It is a solid start for nearly infinite customizations.

Q: Once your character was ready, you made the animations with iClone 7, prior to bringing them into Unreal Engine via the Live Link plugin. Tell us a little about this process. What tools you used, what advice you would give to our studios that are thinking about using real-time solutions in their production?

Allowing modifications while having the ability to see the final result in real-time. Real time is now capable of same quality results as traditional. I think every studios will soon include a good part of their workflow in real time.

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